Saturday, December 24, 2022

Remember when a 2 week COVID Home Quarantine was recommended after interacting with someone with COVID?

When COVID protocols were first established it was recommended that anyone who had been exposed to someone with COVID, or had COVID symptoms, should home quarantine for seven to fourteen days. 

At that time back in 2020, I made a couple of YouTube videos questioning why home treatment options were not being suggested since a person would be home anyways. My idea was to create voluntary home quarantine clinical trials so data could be collected to see if anything was better than doing nothing.

Two and 1/2 years later and Health and Human Services has started running the following ad...

Back in 2020, the sad reality was no one with authority wanted, or was allowed to... encourage any type of naturally occurring treatment option when a 7 to 14 day home quarantine had been recommended. In retrospect an intelligently designed home quarantine COVID treatment protocol probably would have saved lives while also creating COVID home health care clinical trials for additional data study.

Here are some of my videos from 2 and 1/2 years ago regarding COVID-19 healthcare policies. The first one is the most stunning in terms of calling out what was missing regarding how to combat COVID on many fronts, rather than just with vaccines and masks.

Video from 2020 discusses early treatment of COVID and Homeopathic treatment options.

 2020 Video questions Hospital Protocol regarding the treatment of COVID-19

Lesley Stahl does not want to be part of the Story, so she reveals nothing about her COVID treatment, thanks Lesley!



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