Friday, April 6, 2018

Announcing the Amazing Analog VHS, SVHS Videotape to Digital Transfer and Archiving Studio.

If you have a VHS or SVHS videotape that means a lot to you I have reopened my Videotape to Digital Transfer Studio. I can transfer from multiple Analog Videotape Formats to a digital format and do it at the highest quality. You can even supervise your session if you either live or will be in Los Angeles.  

A three hour session costs 500 dollars and as an added incentive, if you do not feel the transfer is as good as I say it can be, you can stop the session within the first hour and get a 400 dollar refund. You simply take your tape with you and leave the work already done behind.  However, lets not dwell on what probably won't ever happen. 

My Analog Videotape studio produced two dozen IMDB credits and a Los Angeles Emmy and provided several career advancement opportunities through the camera and editing work done at my location by me.

This Analog to Digital Transfer is strictly for those who want a high quality transfer. You will probably be surprised at the ten adjustments that can be made to your VHS or S-VHS videotape before it hits the digital realm.

While many out there know how to take a bad looking VHS tape and "improve" the look once in the digital real, the fact remains that the better the quality VHS or S-VHS transfer to digital, the better the result will be.

The longer you wait to transfer your VHS footage to digital, the more likely the tape can become so fragile as to not be viewable anymore.

Email me at vhs at if you have any questions.

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