Thursday, October 22, 2020

Connection between Mask Wearing and Eye Infections.

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Using the study that was used to force everyone to wear Masks, Video forensics by Alessandro Machi indicates the possibility that droplets may be being deposited into a person's eye socket and also above the person. 

Fair warning, VHS, 8mm video, hi-8mm video and super-vhs tapesn have over time become fragile and no one can be responsible for any loss or damage that could occur during the retransfer to digital process. However, if your Home video has already been transferred to DVD you already have a back up. The other thing to consider, if your videotape gets damaged during playback, it also means the VHS, SVHS playback machine has been damaged by the Home video tape. Outside unknown forces such as how the VHS videotape has been stored for the past 20 to 30 years will always be the cause of an accident happening and nobody should be held accountable. This is also why most transfer places want to simply put a VHS video on play and instantly make a recording without making additional adjustments, they know the home videos are fragile.
Contact Alessandro Machi at, vhs at if you want to book a VHS, SVHS to Digital Transfer session in his amazing VHS, SVHS Transfer to Digital Studio. 
Alessandro's Studio and Writing Credits include; 
2001 Los Angeles Emmy,
over 20 IMDB credits for work done in his studio, 
Ranked top 25 out of 20,000 Lifetime Tongal Ideationists. 
1985 Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Internship Scholarship Winner

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