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How to Edit your Vintage VHS Home Movies the way a Hollywood Movie Editor Would.

The First thing a Hollywood Video Editor would go when it comes to editing their Vintage VHS videotape Home movies is to make a copy onto a digital format. 

The digital format copy is then used to make notes as to what is actually on the original Vintage VHS tape. The goal is to do a one pass on the original Vintage VHS tape so as not to damage it. 

Obviously the VHS playback machine needs to be in good shape. If a pinch roller that guides the tape has a burr or large enough dust or dirt particle on it it can put small indents on the vhs tape which can degrade the image playback, forever.

You may feel more comfortable bringing your Vintage VHS tapes into a transfer facility and letting them do the original transfer to digital versus do it yourself.

However, once the original transfer of your Vintage VHS tapes to digital is accomplished, your work is just beginning!  Review and take notes from ALL of your digital copies. Then make a decision, do you want to do a higher quality retransfer from the original VHS tape of your favorite moments from several different original VHS tapes, or, do you just want to select your favorite couple of VHS tapes and have them retransferred in an actual studio with an actual IMDB credited, Los Angeles Emmy winning editor?

Editing is never easy, and while it is wise to transfer your vintage VHS home movies to digital, virtually all high volume VHS transfer facilities simply want to play back your vhs tapes and make a real time Transfer.

There is no way that I know of to get the maximum quality from a Vintage VHS Home Movie in real time playback mode without first evaluating and making close to a dozen individual adjustments and evaluations. These numerous video and audio Vintage VHS playback adjustments may vary scene by scene, even cut by cut. 

The improvement in quality between a real time vintage VHS transfer and a custom VHS studio transfer with an IMDB credited editor can be remarkable. And, as an added bonus, the better the quality from the original VHS playback as it is being retransferred with scene by scene corrections into the digital world, the better quality image digital playback software can create from the improved, retransferred, scene by scene color corrected Vintage VHS video signal. Better signal to noise ratios during the VHS to digital transfer most likely means the digital software being used can do an even better job of improving the overall image of the video in a digital format.

Fair warning, VHS home movie tapes are fragile and I cannot be responsible for any loss or damage that could occur during the retransfer to digital process. However, since  your Home video has already been transferred to DVD you already have a back up. The other thing to consider, if your videotape gets damaged in my machine, it also means my extremely sophisticated VHS, SVHS playback machine has been damaged by your Home video tape and if that happened too often I could not stay in business. Outside unknown forces such as how the VHS videotape has been stored for the past 20 to 30 years will always be the cause of an accident happening and nobody should be held accountable. This is also why most transfer places want to simply put a VHS video on play and instantly make a recording without making additional adjustments, they know the home videos are fragile.

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