Saturday, April 16, 2011

Barack Obama accepts ANONYMOUS pre-paid credit card 2008 campaign donations.

(Edit update, Nov. 26, 2011, 2:39 pm - Sixty Minutes revealed earlier this month that Nancy Pelosi received VISA IPO's in early 2008. Is there a connection between VISA, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama receiving fraudulent named and addressed pre-paid credit card donations in 2008?  No other candidate that I know of accepted fake named and addressed pre-paid visa credit card donations in 2008.)

Nobody knows for sure how much money Barack Obama's 2008 campaign collected through anonymous pre-paid credit cards, but it was in the millions, most likely in the tens of millions, and it may have been even more than tens of millions of dollars.

Anonymous people would use names like Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck on pre-paid credit card donations to the Barack Obama campaign, and apparently the donations went through! There were apparently pre-paid credit card donation mills as well.

Hillary Clinton and John McCain were just a couple of fogies that did not allow fraudulent pre-paid credit card campaign donations because they recognized such donations as being illegal.

Can a US president elected under the method described above be counted on to go after the very people on wall street involved in the home securitization fraud when those same people may have helped him pull off the pre-paid credit card campaign fraud? (link update added June 28. 2011).


Alessandro Machi said...

To the spammer trying to promote a political candidate. If you really want even a remote chance that your post would remain, YOU MUST HAVE A REAL NAME ATTACHED TO YOUR POST.

prepaid credit cards said...

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Nate said...

wow that money adds up and that campaign broke donation records.