Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Can you be a ground zero PUMA if you don't still support Hillary Clinton? Part I.

Yes, it is a rhetorical question. You cannot be an original, ground zero PUMA unless you also support Hillary Clinton because the two are completely intertwined. You can be a conservative PUMA who has moved on and now supports Sarah Palin, that's fine, but that is not the same as being an original PUMA. (should I add an H for Hillary Clinton and call it PUMAH?)
Lets be clear here, the original PUMA movement was in direct response to the democratic elite in the party not only wanting Hillary Clinton defeated, but actually making sure their coup took place before ALL THE VOTES OF THE REGISTERED DEMOCRATS WERE COUNTED!
One only has to look to the republican leaders to see how out of line the democratic political leaders were in the 2008 election. Late in 2007, John McCain was well under 5% approval on a fox poll, it might have been as low as 2%.

John McCain clearly was not the first choice of the republican higher ups, yet the people, the people of the republican party over time chose John McCain EVEN THOUGH JOHN McCain had virtually no financial support.

The same cannot be said of the democrats, who tried to end the democratic race BEFORE IT EVEN STARTED! When a politician such as Hillary Clinton receives 50% of the popular vote even though the opposition has more than twice the money to spend and has the support of the media, the democratic higher ups, and billionaires such as George Soros, it just may lead to the formation of an independent group of Hillary Clinton supporters who call themselves PUMA's.

In Part II of this article, I'll give a simple explanation as to why the democratic party higher ups decided to corrupt their own party.


Becky said...

well, yes, absolutely. PUMA was born of the R & B Committee decisions in May 2008 ~ "party unity my ass". Our eyes were opened clearly that our party (the Democrats) was just as slimy, lo-down, and filthy-corrupt as the Republicans. Until that point, I was wearing blinders. I honestly thought my party was more or less without corruption and it shattered my political truth. Here I am, not knowing what to believe anymore, because ideological warfare is confusing ~ I've reached the conclusion that each side cancels each other out, leaving a huge vacuum, right there in the middle. HUGE.

Becky said...

upon re-reading my response, I realize it is not clear. I agree with you absolutely that ground zero PUMA means supporting Hillary, first and fore-most.

Alessandro Machi said...

I agreed with your first post and am glad to hear you still support Hillary Clinton. If our support wanes for her, the cheaters and behind the scene back stabbers win.

At any time, any backstabber can be outed. Just because the 2008 election is over does not mean we should forget. In may ways, just the opposite is true.

If we don't forget, then we can still clean house in the democratic party. In Part II I will identify what I think the real reason for the coup was.