Friday, November 14, 2008

Why is Sarah Palin's Wardrobe STILL a BIGGER ISSUE than Barack Obama accepting over 200 million dollars in Undocumented Campaign Contributions?

I just don't understand the Sarah Palin Wardrobe Controversy. Well, maybe I do, and the reason is reminding me why the PUMA movement cannot end even if Hillary Clinton ends up in the Barack Obama cabinet. Under no circumstance can I ever believe that what was spent on Sarah Palin's Wardrobe matters anywhere near as much as the amount of money Barack Obama's camp laundered during this entire campaign process.

Over time, the mainstream media will keep banging the drum over Sarah Palin's wardrobe, while simultaneously virtually no attention will be spent on Barack Obama's camp collecting and spending over 200 million dollar's in undocumented funds. Just today, Rachel Maddow had the gall to giddily proclaim that John McCain's McCain Feingold act was being stomped upon by the Republican party.

Well, what do you expect Maddow. Barack Obama's camp spat on the very concept of campaign finance fairness and you choose to ridicule the good guys. Guess what Maddow, your people aren't always above reproach.

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