Thursday, November 20, 2008

Where is my HILLARY CLINTON COMMEMORATIVE COIN, just like the one MSNBC keeps hawking for Barack Obama.

Why is there no commercial for a Hillary Coin? I would buy it. Perhaps the coin could say, 18 million voices silenced by Caucus Cheating, Ageism, and Sexism. Commemoratively speaking, if this type of a coin is not made and sold, then all there will be is a Barack Obama coin out there, and revisionist history takes a step up on what really happened.


Anonymous said...

Damn those coin-makers! We should boycott all coins until they make a Hillary coin. In fact, I plan to just throw all my change today back in the face of anybody who dares to give me a non-Hillary coin at the pizza place, or the supermarket, or the any other provider of discriminatory coins.

Alessandro Machi said...

Just for you, I added the words "COMMEMORATIVE COIN" to the headline.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clarification. I got very mixed reactions at lunch from people being hit in the face with change. Now I know it was because they weren't commemorative coins.

But I still maintain that US currency is misogynistic. You can only be on a US coin if you're dead, and statistics show that women live longer than men, so women have to wait longer than men to get on a coin.

Sacagawea died in 1812, Susan B. Anthony died in 1906. But Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy and now EVERY MALE PRESIDENT who has lived since them will be on a coin. The sexism of the US mint is incredible.

When will the copper center with a little bit of silver on the outside ceiling be cracked?

Alessandro Machi said...

Well, Ms or Mr. anonymous, why so shy, don't you want to be credited for your humor?

Barack Obama already has his commemorative coin, so you're a comedian and accurate.

Anonymous said...

If you don't like anonymous comments I'm sure Blogger will block them for you. Isn't the real comedy being upset about commemorative coins? I mean seriously, where does the commemorative coin controversy fit in the list of big issues facing the country?

1) The economy
2) Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
3) Commemorative coins
4) Health care
5) Education

Alessandro Machi said...

It fits in the revisionist history of things. Hillary Commemorative Coins should be out there to be the voice of reason reminding future generations that it took some behind the scenes pushing to get Barack Obama the nomination, not because of his race, but because he wasn't well known.

Anonymous said...

You asked for it - you got it. Hillary Commemorative Coins are now available!!! Available in gold or silver!

Start your collection today!

Alessandro Machi said...

Sorry, but I can't find any Hillary Clinton coin at the address you listed, I even used their search box.

Maybe they were bought up by some Barack Obama investor to corner the market so they become a collectors item.

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