Monday, November 3, 2008

Sarah Palin Exonerated in Trooper Gate case! Just like this blog told you two weeks ago!

I called this three weeks ago.

And the spokesperson for Palin basically gave the same reasons I gave back then, Palin is allowed to keep the best people in the best place, that is what she does as governor.


Anonymous said...

It's remarkable that a panel she appointed cleared her. Utterly shocking.

Meanwhile, Branchflower's report (commissioned by a bi-partisan vote of the Alaska Legislative Council) does not. Again - shocking.

Alessandro Machi said...

She didn't do anything wrong. It's completely sexist to think a women governor can't get rid of a drunken trooper.

Anonymous said...

Tell that to Branchflower. Despite being a bi-partisan appointee, apparently he is "sexist" when confronted with the evidence. What made his report invalid and the panel SHE appointed (thus with a clear potential for bias)valid?