Sunday, November 9, 2008

Jesse Jackson, Please Free the White People.

The night Barack Obama finished stealing, er winning the 2008 election, (he did both) video was broadcast from all over the country of people joyously crying over Barack Obama's win.

They were crying in a way that kind of disturbed me. It was as if I, as a non-African American, had kept AA's oppressed all these years. Only now that a black president had been elected, would their lives be fulfilled. Only now could all people of all races believe that they too could live the american dream, their white oppressors had finally been vanquished by the election of a black president!

These tears actually disgusted me, and only Jesse Jackson can allay my disgust. You see, Jesse Jackson, at one time, a long long time ago, was an African American democratic presidential candidate. White Iowa Farmers voted for Jesse Jackson during Jesse's quest to become the first black democratic presidential candidate over 30 years ago.

But then a funny thing happened during Jesse Jackson's very long political career. Jesse Jackson, it appears, never passed the African American presidential torch on to the next African American candidate. If I am wrong, please name the name of the African American that Jesse Jackson groomed to become the next AA democratic or republican candidate. (I'll anxiously await the response in the comments section).

My question is, how can white America be "blamed" for it taking this "long" for an AA president when the most prominent African American presidential candidate refused to pass the torch on?

If you watched the news and saw people of all colors crying over the election win of Barack Obama, as if you were somehow responsible that it took this long, you have my blessing to feel disgusted, you should feel disgusted.

Perhaps if these same people had been crying on election night because they knew Barack Obama cheated in the caucus contests, had unparalleled media bias behind him, and collected over 200 million dollars in unmarked bills for his his presidential run, then I could have cried along with them. I too could then share in the pain that the first African American presidential candidate ever to win, would do so under a dark dark cloud of ethical controversy willfully covered up by the mainstream media.

Jessie Jackson, I am asking you, as a healer of people, to take the stigma off of white america by mentioning that maybe, just maybe, your grip on the torch of AA rights issues might have been just a little too snug to pass on.

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moniquemonicat said...


Hey folks don't you think arguing about "obama policies" is a bit presumptuous?

HE'S NOT EVEN PROVED THAT HE'S A NATURAL BORN U.S. CITIZEN! And the truth is HE CAN'T because he was BORN IN KENYA and he doesn't have a certificate of LIVE BIRTH for the State of Hawaii, only a "certification" for FILE purposes only and of which would not even allow a person to get a drivers license.

Here’s Chief Justice Clarence Thomas’ fax# 202-479-2971 write him TODAY - if you don't know what to say, use my letter as a sample.