Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Friendly Advice for Barack Obama's YouTube Videos...SIT ON A BOOK!

I don't understand how a president that staged an alleged 200,000 people gathering in Germany can't get his YouTube White House speeches to look, um, normal. The chair back is at precisely the wrong height. The result is I feel like I am looking at a gawky 10th grader.

Sit on a thick Yellow Pages book, Barack. This will instantly do two things, it will lower the chair back in relation to your neck and head to the proper height, and it will also slightly raise you in the frame to the right height. Plus, you get to keep the high back chair for when you want to take a snooze and don't want your neck flopping backwards. Add more space to the back wall from yourself as well.
I only made one change in the framing up above, yet doesn't Barack Obama already look more presidential than before? Keep in mind that in some of the original video, Barack Obama is actually looking up in the frame, I ignored those frames and chose one that benefits him by having his eye line look straight into the camera rather than up.

The american flag should not be at your side, bigger and brighter than you. The flag should be behind you, and not so bright. I'd put the flag where the plant is, and the plant where the flag is.

I'll be watching to see how long it takes for someone to point out these somewhat obviously flawed video design choices and for you to "change" them. Perhaps there is a master plan to start Barack Obama looking like a tenth grader early on, but then over time the framing changes will reveal a more strident, confident, Barack "Zeus" Obama ???

I have a suggestion. Why can't Barack Obama start with his back to us, and spin around like Captain Kirk from the original Star Trek series. To help stimulate the american economy, how about Barack Obama use a different made in america chair each week, and kindly announce where the chair came from. Maybe a pizza gets delivered in the middle of the presentation, name clearly visible on the pizza box.

Just trying to help out.


Edit note, I FORGOT to add one more thing that I originally noticed, but they have now taken care of it. Barack's skin color is far to close to the background wall color, and now the background color has been fixed as well.

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