Thursday, October 23, 2008

Show us John McCain, Find the mutilator of your own volunteer, if you can't find one stupid Mutilator in Pittsburgh, how can you find Osama Bin Laden?

I'm serious, John McCain, find the mutilator of your own campaign volunteer. If you can't find one mutilator in the city of Pittsburgh, you have no legitimacy, or authority, to lead the search for Osama Bin Laden. Time for the Straight Talk Express to get untracked.

Let's be clear here. The McCain volunteer victim was victimized twice. First they were robbed of 60 dollars at an ATM. The robbery finished, and the victim left, and went to their car. When the thief saw that there was a McCain Palin sticker on the car, the thief came BACK to the victim and carved a B on their face.

This IS AN ACT OF TERRORISM. Both Barack Obama's and John McCain's camp need to be involved on some level and have it solved before they continue campaigning.

At the very least, I would like to see both campaigns actually divert FINANCIAL resources to find the mutilator within 24 hours.

Here is a link to a dissenting viewpoint, looks like a Pro-Obama site but I find their take on it quite the opposite from what was first reported. Dissenting Viewpoint


Reesa Meadows said...

I'm sorry, but that job belongs to the local law enforcement officials, not to a US Senator and candidate for President.

You didn't challenge Senator Obama to personally investigate any of the "death threats" against him, did you?

Then why challenge McCain to investigate this?

Alessandro Machi said...

Because it wasn't a threat, it was a crime that actually happened, and it specifically happened because the person had a McCain Palin bumper sticker on their car.

Can McCain protect his own supporters?

Thanks for the comment.

Reesa Meadows said...

Sorry, but threats against a US senator are crimes. It is against federal law to issue threats of bodily harm against an elected official.

The US Secret Service, in coordination with the FBI, have jurisdiction over these crimes.

Neither John McCain nor Barack Obama is responsible to protect all of their supporters, especially when they're at their bank, having just used the ATM.

Next you'll be saying that McCain should have protected those whose homes were vandalized or who had their lawn signs stolen.

But don't worry - if your beloved Messiah Obama wins, you'll be taken care of. While others who did not support him but supported his honorable opponent will be in fear for their lives and property and liberty.

But I'm hoping and praying that big "victory party" planned for Chicago's Grant Park will instead be a "concession group moan fest".

Sharon said...

OH, PULEEEZE. Alessandro, if this happened during the primaries and the B was an H; would you think that Hillary should strap on her gun and bandolier and go 'play cop' for the night. Get off it !!!

I am sure the police are doing a good investigation and I think that ALL citizens should leave it up to the professionals to investigate this and bring the person to justice.

Alessandro Machi said...

Sharon, you've obviously not seen the clip of John McCain going on and on about how he would catch Bin Laden.

McCain's bragging was also the subject of a scathing Olbermann commentary in which Olbermann wants to know why John McCain would wait until he is elected to catch Bin Laden. If McCain knows how to catch Bin Laden, does he really have to wait until he is president to do it?

Maybe he does, maybe he doesn't.

This has nothing to do with if it had happened when Hillary was running.

Alessandro Machi said...

reesa said... Sorry, but threats against a US senator are crimes. It is against federal law to issue threats of bodily harm against an elected official..

Which has absolutely nothing to do with anything in this article. sheesh.

Now you're equating a lawn sign being stolen with a thief who robbed someone, and then, when seeing their political affiliation, went back and mutilated them.

This was an act of terrorism based on political views, and you want to equate it with stealing a lawn sign?