Friday, October 24, 2008

Sarah Palin's Wardrobe IS NOT an issue, just retribution after Michelle Obama's 400 dollar lunch snack was publicized.

The Sarah Palin wardrobe "controversy" is easily debunkable. What did Hillary Clinton spend on her wardrobe. If the answer is, "a lot", then Sarah Palin is entitled to the same. If the answer to what Hillary Clinton's wardrobe cost is "modest and reasonable", then the response is, "well, it didn't help Hillary Clinton win, did it?

Additionally, the MSNBC led media has been ridiculing Sarah Palin on several fronts, the one area they could not ridicule Sarah Palin on was her clothing, until now. If Sarah Palin had worn anything too frumpy or too blue collar, the media would have just weaved Palin's clothing choices into their ongoing evisceration of Sarah Plain.

Well guess what, the MSNBC led media was going to eventually ridicule Sarah Palin's clothing no matter what she wore. To my eyes, MSNBC is incorporating a "damned no matter what they do" attack against McCain and Palin. The other thing to realize is this is a retaliation to Michelle Obama and her 400 dollar lunch of lobster and shrimp.


Whiner said...

I agree that it's completely normal and understandable for money to be spent on making a candidate look good. Especially a candidate who was caught by surprise by the whole nomination thing! However...

What did Hillary Clinton spend on her wardrobe. If the answer is, "a lot", then Sarah Palin is entitled to the same.

The problem is that Governor Palin *didn't* spend the money on the wardrobe. It wasn't her money. It was money from the party, which is specifically banned from being used for things like that.

Which is why, after a day of McCain trying to brush the whole thing off, Gov. Palin is suddenly showing up to say "They're not my property at all! They're borrowed!" She has to, to defend herself from the lawsuit.

Whole mess would have been avoided if Cindy McCain had just taken Sarah Palin shopping and bought the clothes herself. It would avoid any legal trouble and it wouldn't have shown up in those receipts that got out to the media.

Alessandro Machi said...

Whiner, you don't sound like a whiner. You bring up an intended, or unintended irony here. Barack Obama, he of the 600 million dollar man persona, gets to sanction the McCain side for spending too much money on something???


Whiner said...

Um... Huh? I didn't say anything about Barack Obama sanctioning anybody. Has he said anything about this whole wardrobe mess? I thought it was mostly an issue within the republican party as far as misuse of funds go.

(Whiner's my username because I write a blog whining about stuff.)

Alessandro Machi said...

Whew, I'm glad I gave you something to whine about then.

Sanction was not the best choice of words, but the irony remains. Somehow John McCain, agreeing to pre-ordained campaign funding limits, versus, versus Barack Obama, he of the party that accepts credit card payments even when the names are made up and the addresses non-existent, yet it is McCain that is being monitored for how money was spent on clothing.


Sally the Director of Photography said...

There was no $400 lunch. The receipt is a fake, and the NY Post, who originally reported the story, has since retracted it. You've been had.

Alessandro Machi said...

What can I say, I thought the picture of Sarah Palin holding an assault rifle was real. Although the timing of the two events, the cocktail lunch, and then the wardrobe costs, did coincide one after the other.