Saturday, October 18, 2008

Oprah Winfrey first helps remove Hillary Clinton from the democratic race, then tries to lead the way forward for all women on her television show.

I consider Oprah Winfrey to be a thug. First Oprah helped disable Hillary Clinton's campaign by exerting all of her influence to help Barack Obama win the democratic nomination. After that mission was accomplished, Oprah has now taken the mantle of progressing women's rights!

This past week Oprah had a show featuring women leaders such as Billie Jean King, Maria Shriver, Gloria Steinem, the Williams sisters, Serena and Venus. The purpose of this particular show was to inspire a new generation of young females to greatness.

Where was Hillary Clinton, Oprah?

I guess having the number one female achiever on your show after you directly assisted in taking her out of the democratic presidential race by you only supporting Barack Obama, wouldn't look too good, would it?

I just find Oprah Winfrey to be a thug who just wants it all to go her way. Oprah's recent show about women leaders could not feature Hillary Clinton, which just shows the political blood that is on Oprah Winfrey's hands. Try and wash it off Oprah by doing the show without Hillary Clinton, I'm here to say, you are busted.

Oprah Winfrey's thuggish act of narcissism reveals her desire to be remembered long after her show goes off the air.


Anonymous said...

How can you get the nerve to write such ignorance? None of this makes any sense that you are writing about and it is only showcasing your immaturity by writing it. Focus on the positive things in life (as Oprah does) and your world will be better.

Alessandro Machi said...

If you are going to attack other people with your words, USE YOUR NAME.

You may not think Oprah is an egoist for doing a show about successful women even as she hammered Hillary Clinton this past year by supporting Barack Obama, but I do.

Obviously Hillary Clinton couldn't have been on that specific show because it would have made Oprah look like a dolt, a self indulgent egoist who doesn't even realize how much of an egoist she is because of her narcissism.

If ever neutrality was the order of the day, this was the year for Oprah to have practiced it. Instead it's Oprah's world, and many just sort of go along with it, as you have proven.

Anonymous said...

Last time I checked this was a free country, and Oprah can endorse whoever she wants, and even campaign for that person. So she did not endorse your candidate. Get over it. Get your own show and endorse whoever you want.

Oh and nice comment over on

"I find the "be nice" comment by the man to the women to be accidental sexism, at it's worst. The man probably didn't mean it, but he was basically telling the women to shut up.

So Barack Obama is allowed to visit anywhere he wants, even if the people there don't want him there, so the news can create the fantasy that he IS wanted there?"
What a load.

So in your world, be nice = shut up, and Obama can't eat in a public diner. Who are you, Ann Coulter?


Alessandro Machi said...

Or Mark, I can get a blog and communicate that way, or is that not acceptable to you?

I don't think you understand what you have quoted on. Just because Barack Obama shows up to an event, does not mean everyone there supports him.

This is what Barack Obama and the media conspire to do at every place he goes, they imply that everybody there is for him. This is not the truth. When the man told the women to "behave", he was saying shut up to her, and I found that offensive.

If her lunchtime is going to be interrupted by propagandists and opportunists, of course she has a right to say how she feels about it without being told to "be nice", also known as shutting up.

Tom said...

Your posts seem to indicate you are still harboring strong resentments from the primary that are biasing your view against Obama and his supporters.

There could be bad blood between Oprah and Hillary, but I doubt that really is much of a factor. Both women have little to gain from such a feud. And ALOT to gain by working with each other. And both women are very strong and bear thick skins. And there wasn't any real direct barbs thrown between the two women. They were merely on different sides.

It's probably more an Obama campaign strategy. There is little time before the election and Hillary is a valued resource in the campaign. Especially in the battleground states where she has been campaigning non-stop. So I think her limited time may contribute to why she's not on Oprah.

Also Hillary and Obama might be playing it safe. Whenever the Obama campaign uses Hollywood, the McCain campaign paints them with that "celebrity elite" label. It's too close to the election to take any risks. Which is probably why they Obama campaign has been keeping a small distance from Oprah and instead focusing on Nightline, CNN, etc.

Regardless, I hope you do vote no matter who you vote for. I believe Obama is a wiser more thoughtful man than McCain. And I don't want to continue the same policies that got us into this mess. Plus his stance on the issues are similiar to Hillary's. But either way, the issues are too important for us all to not have a say in where our country must go in the next four years.

Alessandro Machi said...

Hey Tom, you have a very civil tone to your posts, good for you, and perhaps for me as well.

You are right about my harboring negativity about Barack Obama in regards to his cheating in the caucus contests and actually altering the truthful outcome (Hillary Clinton winning a very close contest with Barack Obama). It is something I do bit plan on forgetting.

Don't underestimate John McCain's ability to get the best from both sides of the political spectrum.

I recently did a poll on Hillary Clinton

I asked who would is more likely to consult with Hillary Clinton about the Economy, Barack Obama or John McCain.

100 people said John McCain, 3 people said Barack Obama.

The media is painting Barack Obama as a saint even as he continues to screw up big time. First Barack Obama did not accept John McCain's proposed suspension of McCain's campaign for a couple of days to deal with the economic bailout, but now Barack Obama is suspending his own campaign to go to Hawaii for a few days to be with his ill grandmother.

This is a big time diplomatic gaffe that the media will ignore. You don't schedule family illnesses to fit into your own comfort zone, as Barack Obama has done in the past and now has done again.

Barack Obama, if he was the gentleman and diplomate he is purported to being, would have taken the proposed McCain suspension to go to Hawaii during that same time.

Instead Barack Obama timed his grandmother's illness to best suit his own needs, and this is a pattern he has demonstrated before. Barack Obama actually flew over Hawaii to go to Bali to finish writing a book about his sperm donor father even as his mother was in her final months of life, battling the insurance companies, apparently on her own.

Then during the second debate Barack Obama told the story about his mother dying in a hospital bed alone battling the insurance companies over her coverage. Barack never mentions his own role in helping or not helping his mother out during that critical time in her life, which apparently was very little to none, because Barack had a political career to cultivate, and a book to finish writing.

Barack could have written the book about his already passed father at any time, but he only those precious final months to be with his mother, Barack Obama chose finishing the book about his father instead of being with his mother.

Now Barack Obama chooses WHEN to be with his Grandmother, not when the Grandmother might have needed Barack most.

Tom said...

Thank you Mr Machi.

I actually believe in respecting other people's choice in this election. Just as long as it doesn't smack of bigotry of ignorance. Someone saying they won't vote for Obama because they "believe in God and the bible and Obama is an Arab" is pretty damn stupid. And If someone says something full of bigotry, then I might "tell them off". But I believe American's greatest strength is how we can have so many different beliefs and opinions and coexist. (though I see plenty of evidence against that on the news-LOL)

Alot of McCain's campaigning is too dirty for me to respect. I used to really admire McCain, but I don't even recognize him anymore.

But regarding Obama and his mom, I think you are being a bit too hard on Obama. I've been in a similiar position. And I can see how he might have thought that his mother's last week wasn't going to be THE last week. You think you have more time. But the end can be sudden. I've seen it happen a few times amoung my friends when you think someone will be okay, then you do your own stuff, when suddenly you hear they've passed on.

Obama's grandma broke her hipbone from what I hear. It's not life threatening. And the election is close and extremely important. He has to campaign or this country will continue in a direction that is intolerable for many, including Hillary and Obama.

I feel sorry for him and his grandmother. Her injury isn't life threatening, but the problems her broken hip will cause might make this the start of the end for her. She probably won't see the next election.

Alessandro Machi said...

Hi Tom, you are right, I am being hard on Barack Obama and how he handles his relationships with his mother and grandmother.

The reason for that is because Barack Obama has profited from these situations. Either Barack Obama made a mistake and cops to it, or he keeps quiet about it and hopes nobody investigates too closely.

Instead, Barack Obama has used these situations to help his political campaign, ouch.

Dare I ask what Michelle Obama was doing during that time back in 1994 and 1995 if Barack Obama was too busy?