Tuesday, October 7, 2008

NBC does the right thing and reposts the Saturday Night Live CSPAN Bailout with George Soros, Pelosi, Frank, Bush & Sandler Lookalikes.

(Edit update - Feb. 03, 2010 Read the Transcript of the Saturday Night Live George Soros skit by clicking here. I transcribed it myself so please link to it rather than just copying it as it took a while to do.)

I just briefly glanced the new version of the Saturday Night Live CSPAN Bailout Spoof. It appears to be slightly shorter than the prior version, about 10 seconds shorter. As I had suggested in a prior article, removing the Sandler graphic suggesting they be punished (actually it was much stronger language than that and I don't want to repeat it) was really all that needed to be done, and it appears that is what was done! I think some edits may have been tightened up to make the pacing go faster.

I just read elsewhere that one short exchange between the Sandlers and "Barney Frank" was taken out. I'm ok with that as well. The whole piece still works.

The Soros piece seems to have been left intact. I don't consider it censorship since the Sandler section simply had a somewhat dangerous graphic overlay removed. In the Soros section the superimposed graphics were very powerful and possibly true and it appears they have been left intact.

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