Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Media falling in line with Barack Obama, could Barack having 3 times more millions to spend have something to do with it?

Barack Obama has over 600 million dollars to spend, that is the kind of money that can smooth over budget problems for a whole lot of media that is tight on money. When John McCain stated he wanted to focus on the bailout mess and cancel the debate, the media backed Barack Obama and accused John McCain afraid to debate Barack Obama.

Then the spin was John McCain was weak on the bailout issue. Now it is just a stream of nonsense coming out of the media because Barack Obama can outspend John McCain 3-1 in all kinds of media buys. Will anybody question Barack Obama on the timing of his trip to see his Grandmother? Why not go to see her when John McCain wanted to suspend his campaingn and deal with the bailout? Why not both candidates at that time, suspend their campaigns for a couple of days and deal with these issues?

Why was it ok for Barack Obama and the mainstream media to ridicule John McCain for wanting to suspend his campaign to go back to Washington, and profit from it in the polls, but ignore his ailing grandmother at that time? Surely the gentlemanly thing, the diplomatic thing to do, would have been to go to Hawaii at the same time that John McCain wanted to go to Washington.

Barack Obama continues to use family illnesses, of both his mother and grandmother, for profit and gain, and the media lets him get away with it. To top it off, the media goes on for days about John McCain dying even as Hillary Clinton was villified for bringing the same possibility regarding Barack Obama just a scant few months ago.

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