Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Is Chris Matthews and MSNBC the Bi-Polar channel? You decide if MSNBC's Pre-Debate stance and their after Debate stance merits Bi-Polar Status.

The MSNBC channel has developed a really sleazy strategy in their effort to take John McCain down. First MSNBC identifies what they believe to be a questionably ethical position John McCain has taken, then no matter what McCain does in response, the MSNBC on air crew ridicules and mocks McCain anyways.

Example one. It is pretty much acknowledged that McCain won the first verbal joust in Southern California at Saddleback Church between Obama and McCain. The first of three official debates was going to be about international relations, so what did John McCain have to gain by postponing the first debate, nothing. John McCain wanted to postpone the first debate to work on the Bailout bill. MSNBC used this moment to accuse McCain of trying to postpone the first debate because McCain was afraid of debating Barack Obama.

Barack Obama lost the Saddleback meeting yet MSNBC comes out swinging like the Dark Knight from the Monty Python skit, claiming that John McCain is afraid to debate Barack Obama on international topics sounds just like the Dark Knight wanting to keep fighting even after losing all of his limbs.

After slamming McCain for wanting to postpone the debate, MSNBC then slammed McCain for allegedly interfering in the bailout bill and causing it to fail the first time it was voted on! Who is to say how quickly the bailout bill needed to be passed? According to MSNBC, the bailout bill needed to be passed right away and it was McCains fault that it did not pass right away. According to MSNBC, anything McCain did to either hasten or slow down the passage of the bill is simply McCain just interfering where he doesn't belong! Meanwhile, MSNBC reports that Barack Obama deftly handled the Bailout Bill via his Cell Phone. Once again, no matter how McCain had reacted to the bailout bill, MSNBC was there waiting to hammer McCain, MSNBC's disrespect tpwards John McCain is profound and inexcusable.

On to the second debate held a few hours ago. Prior to the debate, Chris Matthews on his own show basically threatened a McCain higher up by trying to expose the Obama / Ayers ties as dirty politics. Matthews pressed over and over asking if McCain would continue with these dirty politics during the debate that night.

After the debate was over and McCain had NOT mentioned the Obama / Ayers angle, Chris Matthews actually accused McCain of being too chicken to call Obama out on the Ayers issue! Matthews would now claim that John McCain was instead willing to leave it up to Sarah Palin and others to do his dirty work for him! Is this not the definition of a Bi-Polar mentality? To first demand a certain result, get that result, and then mercilessly criticize the other person anyways!

Matthews went on to call the Ayers affair "The dog that would not bite" claiming that McCain was too embarrassed to bring up Ayers during the debate and instead would leave the sleazy attacks to the "barracuda", Sarah Palin. Matthews actually stated he thought that was the story of the night!

Not to be outdone, Rachel Maddow actually said what may have been a whole night's idiocy jam packed into one sentence. Maddow claims Barack Obama won the debate by pretending that John McCain was not even there. This is so outrageously Bi-Polar as MSNBC criticized McCain over and over for never looking over to Barack Obama during the prior debate! Talk about a "Gotcha moment", Rachel Maddow wins the "Gotcha, see how bi-polar we are" award for the night.

But wait, there's more! Several months ago Keith Olbermann and guest Jonathan Alter of Newsweek mercilessly attacked and ridiculed John McCain over McCain's very honorable defense of Hillary Clinton's campaign! These two clowns, Olbermann and Alter, spent 4 and a half minutes accusing McCain of losing his mind over a 30 second wonderfully written and spoken tribute to Hillary Clinton by John McCain.

So while the gentle man John McCain is attacked at every turn by MSNBC no matter what the subject, MSNBC also trys to paint McCain as having a temper. Who wouldn't after the idiotic but non stop attacks that McCain has suffered at the hands of MSNBC and their Bi-Polar hosts. I'll never forget MSNBC and what has to go down as the most disgusting tactics by a news channel ever.

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