Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I am a Hillary Clinton Supporter, and I APPROVED this Message.


Anonymous said...

Right, because there's SO much objectivity in the "97% of those polled at HillaryClinton.com", the bastion of political knowledge and discourse on the internet ...

If Soros had chosen Hillary Clinton as his candidate instead of Barack Obama, you'd be lauding him as a great philanthropist and would have no problem whatsoever with the caucus system.

I realize your love for Hillary is undying, but voting for McCain to "send a message" and to somehow link him with Hillary is really, really, really, really lame. Vote for him because you think he'll represent your issues better, or because you think he'd be a better leader, not because you are that desperate for Hillary to regain some power that you think somehow she would under a McCain administration.

Alessandro Machi said...

I think the video clearly states my position in regards to George Soros and his meddling and it has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton.


What if Soros had backed Hillary Clinton instead, would I have cared? It's an excellent question, but one I will never know the answer to, because it did not happen. Before January of this year, I actually slightly favored Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton, until Soros stepped in and bought everybody.

Alessandro Machi said...

And as for the poll, I have NEVER seen a poll question generate such a one sided response, even on Hillary Clinton Forum.net

What you fail to mention is the difficulty Barack Obama has in bonding with someone who he basically had to defeat with some very questionable tactics.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me like they're getting along just fine. It does seem like maybe Bill still feels a little burned, but I've got no dog in that fight.

Do you see Hillary out campaigning for McCain? Didn't think so.

It's pure speculation, but there's an awful lot of talk about giving Hillary a cabinet position or putting her on the Supreme Court bench when an opening arises. You think those would be in the realm of possibility for in a McCain administration? Nope.