Monday, October 20, 2008

Don't YELL SOCIALIST in a crowded restaurant, it's now illegal if Barack Obama happens to be there.

Evidently, if Barack Obama comes into a public restaurant for a photo op, and you yell "Socialist, Socialist", you are out of line. Not every place a candidate goes to should be an automatic photo op, unless apparently it is Barack Obama.

But when Lennox Bramble told Diane Fanning, to "be civil, be courteous" after Ms. Fanning yelled that Barack Obama was a Socialist, Mr. Bramble was basically saying "shut up" to Ms. Fanning, and at that point he crossed the line of sexism.

What is so awful about a man telling a woman to be "civil, be courteous"? It's awful because Diane Fanning was making a point, a political point, and that point was belittled by a man. Haven't we had enough sexism in this election year, especially when the man telling the women what is what, is wrong? I admire Ms. Fanning for being able to assess a situation she had no idea she was going to be in, and let her voice be heard.

Bless Diane Fanning for being brave enough to say how she felt. This may be hard for the Obamabots to comprehend, but everywhere that Barack Obama glides above is not necessarily going to be "healed" by his out stretched wingspan, even as the media falsely reports it as another Barack Obama conversion story.


tommcc99 said...

You said it was illegal, its not illegal, its just bad manners to yell at someone.

You remind me of bill oreilly; you think that everyone who disagrees with you is wrong and that if you yell loud enough and are abig enough bully you will get your way.

doesnt work for bill, wont work for you.

spend the next 4 years in denial and anger or be part of helping to fix the problems. your choice.

Anthony Harris - said...

Reading this you have a lot of wasted time on your hands. I hope Hillary Clinton is paying you, because if she isn't, your love affair and bitterness at her loss is unwarranted.

Diane Fanning wasn't making a "point". What she was shouting wasn't "illegal". However, she wasn't being civil or courteous, and it was right to tell her so. I would say the same to anyone shouting "Facist!" to John McCain if he walked down my neighborhood. Contrary to your bloated point of view, the boogieman of sexism doesn't lurk around every corner.

Alessandro Machi said...

Tommcc99, Don't you think it's bad manners to interrupt someone's dining for political gain?

The term illegal was used as a reference to the known saying, "It's illegal to yell fire in a crowded room, if there is no fire", it wasn't meant to be taken literally.


Alessandro Machi said...

Anthony, your analogy does not work. This person PAID MONEY to sit and have a meal and socialize with friends.

That is not the same thing as a presidential candidate "walking down the street".

Your preference that I not have this site is what chills me about Obamabots. They want to pretend that Barack Obama did not cheat in the caucus contsts and that the democratic nomination was not stolen from Hillary Clinton when it clearly was.

Anonymous said...

This whole blog is a joke, right?

It's gotta be parody. The alternative is too freaking stupid and pathetic to contemplate.

Alessandro Machi said...

If you're going to be so negative, use your name. Not too much is more pathetic than people who insult others through the veil of secrecy.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Machi protests because it is his Constitutionally protected right. He may espouse his ignorance...just like the stupid lady who yelled "socialist." We can all embrace this freedom. But, absurdities like "it's illegal if Obama happens to be there," needs to highlighted as a lie. No one was arrested, cited or escorted from the restaurant. So, Mr. Machi - STRIKE ONE. Then, when Mr. Bramble tells the yelling Ms. Fanning to "be nice," he is accused of sexism by Mr. Machi? Machi wouldn't know sexism if it hit him in the face! Asking someone to be polite in a restaurant is not "sexism." John McCain's opposition to equal pay for equal work is sexism. Asking someone to stop yelling "socialist" at someone who is not a socialist...someone who voted to bailout the capitalist financiers on Wall just an act of kindness to help Ms. Fanning from showing her ignorance. Machi belittles sexism with is false claim - STRIKE TWO. Finally, Barack Obama went into the "mostly white" restaurant in North Carolina because the Supreme Court said segregation was against the Constitution. The saddest part of the LA Times story wasn't that speech was silenced...or was that the mostly white diners segregated themselves from the mostly black diners at a restaurant down the street. Mr. Machi's failure to see the real wound in our nation - STRIKE THREE.

Alessandro Machi said...

Barack Obama was not there to just have a meal, he was there scrounging for votes. A customer of the restaurant found that offensive, and when they spoke up, they were "politely" asked to be quiet.

This is no different than what has happened to the Hillary Clinton supporters who saw the theft of votes in the caucus contests and the systemic manipulation of the voting system this year, and were told to be quiet.

As for you thinking that white people are somehow more important than black people, that is just ridiculous. Did you ever stop to think that it is the whites who are segregated to this restaurant and therefore associate only there?

Mark Berman, NJ said...

Personally, I have come to loathe Sarah Palin, but if she were to approach me I would be polite and shake her hand. If she sat to talk, I would tell her why I disagreed with her positions. We're all Americans, after all. The fact that you are excusing this woman's brutish behavior, Alessandro, shows that you, like so many others, have forgotten, or never knew, the distinction between civil discourse and mob rule. The gentleman who told her to 'be nice' was not being sexist (which is a really weird take on it) but he was embarrassed to be in the company of such a lout.

Alessandro Machi said...

Here is an analogy that will help explain this better for those who have already drank the kool aid. You are at a football game, and at half time, and as a complete surprise, Barack Obama shows up. Barack just wants go to the fifty yard line, and say hi and god bless, and that is it.

Is that acceptable, or not?

Lulu Maude said...

She was rude, not unlawful.

Todd said...

Seriously. Are you buying what you write? Here is an analogy for you. You walk into a restaurant and I infer something about you and begin shouting my thoughts at you. Someone has enough decency to tell me to knock it off. What are they since I am a male? Sexist? I'm guessing you would think maybe they showed a bit of courage but at a minimum, I can't imagine you would find what they did to be more disrespectful than my unprompted outburst.

And since when in America, does anyone not have a right to go into which ever restaurant they choose? So what if he chose to talk to patrons. I'd be happy to have a one on one opportunity to question the candidates from either party and a can all but guarantee you many of the other patrons were more than happy to have Obama stop in.

You claim this woman was making a political point. She could have easily made a political point by asking Obama to explain why his ideas weren't socialist, and who knows, maybe got Republicans another talking point to use out of the discussion. Instead she chose to show she was ignorant and only willing to spew the current "flavor of the day" talking point instead of attempting to have a conversation that could have furthered the discussion on the direction this country is heading in.

Sometime over the past eight years I have stopped considering myself a Republican. While I'm not willing to call myself a Democrat, I can't relate to anything the Republican party is trying to push with this campaign. These baseless arguments and accusations do nothing to help the Republican party except to further radicalize those of you who blindly accept the garbage being fed them.

And no, after ready some of the other posts, I have no explanation as to why I bothered to post this...

Alessandro Machi said...

Barack Obama is using the moment as a photo op. The problem is all the people there, paid to be there.

Some of you are not grasping that concept. Once people pay to be somewhere, then societal etiquette guidelines get stretched to the max. when it comes to someone else using that moment to profit from.

You seem to be mixing up a free public event with a paid somewhat private one. Read my example up above about the football game and answer that.

Jeff H said...

I don't think Barack Obama is the first candidate to ever "campaign" in a restaurant. You're right, it was a photo op. Just like photo ops every politician has done, including Hillary and including McCain.

Mrs. Fanning wasn't making a point, she didn't say how she felt. She yelled at a presidential candidate and refused to shake his hand. There is nothing brave about that.

I have no idea how you can draw sexism from a person telling another person not to be rude.

Alessandro Machi said...

I think it's great that Ms. Fanning had the presence of mind to say what she thought of Barack Obama, who showed up unnannounced.

Ms. Fanning is a hero for not wanting someone she doesn't want for president to lay claim over her territory, specifically because she PAID to be there, and no pre-announcement had been made.

If you don't want me judging Barack Obama, then don't judge Mrs. Fanning either, at which point that leaves the gentleman as the one person who just should worried about his own behavior, not Mrs. Fanning.

Now if Ms. Fanning had been waving a butter knife as she yelled, that would have been a different story. I'm also not for Ms. Fanning yelling it over and over and over. As I recall, she stated her case a couple of times and then was stopped.

I would suggest that if a candidate goes into a place where people have paid to be seated, and there are objectors, that the media present not spin the story into Barack Obama winning converts.

Alessandro Machi said...

The notion that sexism was at play, yet it remains transparent to those who have read the accounting, is precisely why sexism still exists to the level that it does.

It's easier for a male to tell a female to behave, then for a male to tell another male to behave. That is precisely why Hillary Clinton was defeated. Waves and waves of loser democrats, mostly male, stood up and took their shot at Hillary Clinton while other males just stood by.

Victor said...

So a man can not criticize a woman without being called sexist?

Maybe the man was trying to enjoy a nice, quiet meal that he paid for and the woman was interrupting him.

Maybe the man wanted to talk to Obama while enjoying the meal that he paid for and the woman interrupted him.

No one was stopping that woman from enjoying her meal. If the mere sight of Obama caused her discomfort, then she can choose to leave. Obama has as much of a right to be there as she did, since he was a paying customer.

If I was a restaurant owner, and one paying customer started yelling accusations at another paying customer, I'd kick the one who is yelling out.

Wanting to talk to your fellow citizens isn't rude, it's neighborly.

I may be sipping my brand of kool-aid but you are chugging yours.

Alessandro Machi said...

All of your points are excellent, but, what you don't mention is that Barack was also there for a photo op. With the way MSNBC has been twisting and subverting the news for their gain, if Ms. Fanning had not said anything, then the news would have reported that Barack was making inroads with everybody everywhere.

I believe that is the tiebreaker. If the media was not present (but it was), and Ms. Fanning had behaved in the same manner, than I would agree with you, except for the part of my guzzling the kool aid.

Jeff H said...

Hi again. That last point was a very good one. I don't completely agree with it but I can see where you are coming from on this issue now. I think there are more appropriate ways for someone to show that they don't like Obama, but to go along with your point, those ways probably wouldn't have made a splash in the news media.

Again, I don't agree with it but I can respect where you are coming from. On this issue at least.

Alessandro Machi said...

It's now August 20th, 2012, Obama is not pressing charges against Goldman Sachs for home securitization fraud.

Obama also had the re-enactment of Glass Steagall removed from the democrat 2012 platform.

Obama also believes in the violation of the constitution via parallel foreclosure, and Obama has actually allowed the Dodd Frank bill to stay as it is, so homeowners with a ton of credit but who have lost their jobs cannot use their own equity as a stopgap.

So much for the dream of having a ton of equity in a home with the idea that the home could allow a financial cushion when times get rough.

Obama looks like a Banker, Obama is a banker.