Thursday, October 9, 2008

Did Barack Obama write his first book about his father while mother lay dying in a hospital, then use mom's story to win points in the second debate?

The Hillary Clinton Forum has produced it's own Barack Obama breaking story! "Something is Bothering Me..." I admit I paused for a moment when Barack Obama stated during the second debate that his mother was fighting health insurance companies to cover specific treatments as she lay dying in the hospital.

I remember wondering what would allow Barack to know his mother was fighting the insurance companies from her hospital bed, without Barack Obama either being there, or being able to help in some other way, but then I moved on. Fortunately there are forums like in which members question what appears to be the unquestionable. "Something is Bothering Me..."

Apparently, Barack Obama had just finished his first book, about his sperm donor father, just a few months before his mother would pass on. What I can't understand is, couldn't Barack Obama, who was working at a law firm, get the law firm to represent her by proxy? I just want to understand what is the truth. Right now it appears that Barack Obama was tributing and profiting by writing a book about his sperm donor father while his mother lay dying in a hospital, as she battled the health insurance industry.

Then, to make matters worse, Barack Obama mentions his mother to gains empathy points during the second debate. Rachel Maddow grinningly called it "the moment" from the debate. This is just horrible stuff, not making it to see your own mom, while you write a book about your dad, then discuss your mom's plight in a national debate to gain points. Ugh.

Barack Obama has shown a pattern of complete ambivalence to the eldery this entire campaign, and now we see it goes back well before this year. I do not want someone as president who will throw the elderly under the bus. I certainly don't want a person for president who tributed his sperm donor father even as his dying mother battled the insurance industry, apparently without the aid of Barack Obama.


Oct. 20th, 2008. Today Barack Obama announced to the media that he will spend time with his ailing grandmother. While this action will surely garner Barack Obama sympathy points, will anyone dare ask him what he was doing during his mothers final year of life?


Jack said...

If you're seriously suggesting that Barack sat idly by, uncaring, while his mother died, then you are the one with the burden of proving that disgusting charge.

"Let him prove that he was there! That he was helping! That he was caring!" is as stupid as saying, "We charge him with this! Let him prove he's innocent!"

Barack doesn't owe you an explanation for the circumstances of his mother's death, and you have better things to do with your time than demand one. You ought to be ashamed.

Alessandro Machi said...

Jack, of course Barack Obama owes an explanation about his dying mother because he profiteered from the experience by bringing it up in the second debate.

Rachel Maddow even suggested it was "the moment" of the second debate. I want to understand how a book deadline meant more than being with his mother AND why Barack didn't offer any help for his mother to deal with the insurance companies.

Jack said...

"I want to understand how a book deadline meant more than being with his mother AND why Barack didn't offer any help for his mother to deal with the insurance companies."

You're begging the question. Twice. First, you need to prove that a book deadline did in fact mean more to him than being with his dying mother.

Second, you need to prove that Barack didn't offer "any help" for his mother to deal with insurance companies.

The first point is entirely subjective, and impossible to prove, if easy to charge. And you've offered absolutely no proof for the second point. You're charging Barack with being a bad, heartless son. That's a serious charge. You need proof - and that fact that he was writing a book at the time is not proof.

Alessandro Machi said...

My proof is in the second debate. Barack Obama mentioned that his mother was dying in the hospital battling the insurance companies on the telephone to give her certain coverages.

Barack Obama was finishing his first book at that time, and did not come to Hawaii until the day after his mother died.

All of this begs the question, as I stated in my article, why didn't Barack Obama offer a proxy to help his mother fight the insurance companies?

If he did help, then he misrepresented the situation in his debate and used it for political gain.

Hillarysmygirl08 said...

I think this is a good question and Jack any question about Obama is proper and if Obama feels he doesn't owe anyone an answer then he needs to resign. He is not God and he must learn to answer questions he gave up all privacy when he ran for office.
The man has horrible judgement and the Obots think its a crime to ask him questions. Well that is reason enough for me to vote against this man.

Anonymous said...

Alessandro, I think you need to read both Obama's books to find an answer to this. It has been a while since I read them, but from what I understand he wrote that he was always ashamed he didn't visit her more often (or at all - need to check the book) while she was lying on her death bed in Hawaii. In all I got the impression that he didn't like his mother very much. He always kinda held a grouch against her for taking Maya back to Indonesia, while elaving him behind in Hawaii.

SaysWho said...

I don't know what kind of son Barack Obama was. From everything I've read about him and most of it autobiographical, he could be quite a snotty punk and his past and even current crisis regarding his racial self-identity tended and tends to make him have mixed feelings about his white family members. (Unless his calling his grandmother a "typical white woman" is actually some form of endearment lost on me.)

But I do know what kind of candidate tries to make political hay out of his dead mother with statements where the "facts" within can't or won't be confirmed or conflict with pre-established timelines.

Alessandro Machi said...

It just dawns on me that what Barack has done is simply not finish the story.

"My mother was in the hospital dying from cancer while she battled the insurance companies...."

and then what, Barack? Finish the story.

"My mother was in the hospital dying from cancer while she battled the insurance I helped her"

That doesn't play as well in a debate now does it? Now if he was writing or finishing his book at that time, and didn't help her, that looks bad too.

Barack has used this story in his commercials earlier this year, and he used it now in the debates, and Rachel Maddow congratulated Barack for the story. Now I want additional answers.