Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Audacity of Pretentiousness, how the Media Worships Barack Obama and the Atrocious Ways he uses the Women who Raised him, for Political Gain.

The media is painting Barack Obama as a saint even as he continues to screw up big time. First Barack Obama did not accept John McCain's proposed suspension of McCain's campaign for a couple of days to deal with the economic bailout proposal. Instead, Barack Obama actually painted John McCain as being afraid to debate him, and that that was the real reason for McCain wanting to suspend his own campaign.

Barack Obama refused to accept John McCain's campaign suspension, and this just shows how inexperienced and inadequate Barack Obama is at negotiating. Barack Obama negotiated with only the present in mind, not even an inkling of what may lay ahead in as short of a time span as two weeks!

Fast Forward two weeks and now Barack Obama is suspending his own campaign to go to Hawaii for a few days, to be with his ill grandmother! This is a big time diplomatic gaffe that the media will refuse to address. You don't ridicule the opposition for wanting a campaign suspension to deal with the economic bail out plan, then take a campaign suspension yourself two weeks later. This just proves that Barack Obama does not know how to negotiate.

To make matters even worse, you don't schedule family illnesses to fit into your own comfort zone, as Barack Obama has done in the past, and now has done again!

Barack Obama, if he was the gentleman and diplomat he is purported to being, would have agreed to the proposed "McCain suspension time out" and taken that same suspension time to go Hawaii to be with his ailing grandmother. Instead Barack Obama timed his visit to his grandmother to when it best suited his own needs. This is a sociopathic pattern of behavior that Barack Obama has practiced before.

In 1995, Barack Obama actually flew over Hawaii, and his dying mother, to go to Bali to finish writing a book about his sperm donor father, even as his mother was in her final months of life battling the insurance companies over health care coverage, and apparently battling them on her own.

During the second debate Barack Obama told the story about his mother dying in a hospital bed alone as she battled the insurance companies over her insurance coverage. Barack never mentions his own role in helping or not helping his mother out during that critical time in her life. So Barack Obama had time to finish writing a book about his sperm donor father, but not enough time to be by his mother's bedside. Barack Obama HAS PROFITED from this story about his mother, respinning it as both a television commercial first during the primaries, and then retelling it during the second debate. Rachel Maddow called it "the moment" from that second debate.

Barack Obama could have written the book about his already passed father at any time, but he only had those precious final months to be with his mother. Yet Barack Obama chose finishing the book about his sperm donor father OVER being with his mother. Between writing his book and and making the political rounds in Chicago, it was as if Barack Obama could not have kept further distance from his dying mother even if he had tried.

Now Barack Obama is CHOOSING WHEN to be with his Grandmother, not when his Grandmother might have needed Barack Obama most. In Barack Obama's world, it's about when others can help him that matters most to him, when it should be the other way around.


Anonymous said...

He's more than a saint (according to supporters and msm), he's the next Jesus.

Brian Carey said...

McCain's "suspension" was a political stunt, which backfired spectacularly when he proved himself unable to get his own party to support the bailout the first time through.

What is really audacious is thinking you know enough about Obama's relationship with his grandmother and the state of her health to pass judgment.

Alessandro Machi said...

Don't you see how you are being brainwashed? It's quite possible that you been listening to MSNBC. MSNBC wanted its audience to think that the bailout was supposed to be approved on the first vote.

Calls to congress were 20-1 AGAINST the bailout, yet you believe as MSNBC broadcast all day long, that the bailout was a sure thing and because it was a sure thing, McCain was pulling a stunt.

Then when the bailout vote did not pass on the first vote, McCain was called ineffective and worthless by MSNBC.

MSNBC was in the tank for the passage of the bailout bill. What a horrible thing for a cable news channel to do, to actually report the news as if there was only one solution, rapid approval of the bailout plan.

Barack Obama's condescending attitude about John McCain suspending his campaign is now in play, If John McCain can't suspend his campaign, neither can Barack Obama.