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Donna Brazille embraces the role of Slave Master.

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I found this article on the TaylorMarsh Archives.

Here are two Donna Brazile quotes that I find amazing.

DB: "I defended the Clintons and it was Black people who kept their asses in office."


DB: "Blacks have been deeply wounded by the duplicity of the Clintons. Now, you may not like it or agree. But as a black person who helped saved the Clinton presidency, please just respect what I am saying. [emphasis added] Again, you disagree. But, I honestly believe the wounds will not heal. It’s personal and the Clintons have shown their darker demons." [emphasis added]

Wow Oh Wow, does Donna Brazile live inside her head and her head only, or is she just insane? This type of attitude and hostility is EXACTLY WHY REPARATIONS are an INSULT to ALL AMERICANS. Donna Brazile believes she OWNS the Clintons because she "saved them".

The people that are the angriest about slavery now are probably the same people who would have been slave owners if the situation had been reversed, with one big difference, they would have advocated the destruction of anyone who would have been for reparations. I don't advocate Donna Brazile's destruction, but I do pity the fool.

Donna Brazile wants to be head of the D.N.C., can there be a bigger reason to not support the D.N.C. than Donna Brazile?

Donna Brazile is for Obama

guest post by Masslib

For the last several months it’s been pretty obvious to anyone who watches CNN, that "neutral" commentator Donna Brazile actually harbors anti-Hillary feelings, if not an outright preference for Obama. CNN decided to bench pundit James Carville because of his pro-Clinton bias. Maybe CNN doesn’t yet believe that Brazile has taken sides. Bothered by her obvious bias, last month I began an e-mail correspondence with Brazile to express my disappointment in her as a DNC leader. I share some of what she wrote back to me below. If CNN doesn’t pull the plug on her after they read this, then Saturday Night Live was right when they said CNN was in the tank for Obama.

I’m making these e-mails public not just because I don’t want to see her on CNN, but because with rumors afoot of her aspirations to be DNC Chair if Obama becomes the nominee, I think it’s important that Democrats see what they would be in for. While I appreciate her willingness to correspond with me, what you can see in these excerpts is an individual who doesn’t have the political savvy to communicate with the public (keep in mind I was an anonymous stranger when she wrote to me) in an appropriate and pro-Party fashion. You can see that she has no problem creating inferences that Hillary Clinton is a racist. You can see that she feels she has no responsibility to stand up against sexism. And you can see most shockingly that she resents Democrats for leaving her out in the cold since managing Al Gore’s losing 2000 campaign, finding the highest praise not for those in the Party she aspires to lead, but for Republicans. Without further ado, here are some choice excerpts from our exchange. (view emails in their entirety here). Draw your own conclusions.

Me: I am very disappointed in you. I saw you at the State of the Black Union, and not once did you speak out against a number of sexist and divisive comments about Hillary. I understand the desire to see an African American President. I share that desire. I just don't find Senator Obama, with his limited resume, and few public accomplishments (i.e. accomplishments for the people, not personal accomplishments like book writing) to have the resume for President, at this point. I think Hillary is correct to point to her strong resume, and that isn't racist.

Donna Brazile(DB): I am very sorry that you tuned into my life just three weeks ago and not the 40 years I have engaged politics on a very personal level. Just be up to date in your criticism and go back and read my columns, see my interviews and then walk a moment in the shoes of someone who calls it like it is.

ME: I'm young, but I have been watching you for eight years. You can not possibly think I just tuned in three weeks ago. That's why I expect more from you. You are one of the most prominent female voices of the Democratic Party. Emotions are running high, and the media is just loving to play up the fissures in the Party.

DB: Please don't lecture me about the isms in America . You cannot blame the media for Clinton being behind or running out of money. It's the strategy stupid... And I for one have gotten down right tired of the lame excuses. When many of us beat the heck out of Obama last year, we were not called racists.

ME: I don't expect you to watch the sexism. I was hoping for a more fair reading from you. I think it's loopy to think Hillary has run a racist campaign. Really loopy. Again, the 3am ad, winning NH??? These are not signs of racism. If you respect a candidate, you run against them on the merits, which Hillary has done.

DB: Just ask Hillary why is she apologizing to Black folks at every turn. And now Obama has to denounce his pastor.

ME: She doesn't have to. She just is because she doesn't want anyone to feel alienated or offended. I can not believe that's what you really see. How sad.

DB: I defended the Clintons and it was Black people who kept their asses in office. Now, show respect and not indifference or worse insularity and more insults. I am not checking my black or feminist credentials into the locker box for either candidate.

ME: Let's agree on some things. I have never walked a mile in your shoes. I am outraged by the continued institutional racism in our justice system, in our educational system, in our society. We are not at odds here. As far as McCain goes, I dislike him, and his extremist supporters. I do think that if you believe Hillary Clinton is a racist or has employed a racist campaign strategy, you are overreaching to the extreme.

DB: She’s the one apologizing to Black folks. Not me. Not You. She is the one saying I regret. Not me. Not you.

ME: Yes, because she doesn't want any one to be offended. She's a buck stops here person. I think that's an admirable quality.

DB: Blacks have been deeply wounded by the duplicity of the Clintons . Now, you may not like it or agree. But as a black person who helped saved the Clinton presidency, please just respect what I am saying. [emphasis added] Again, you disagree. But, I honestly believe the wounds will not heal. It’s personal and the Clintons have shown their darker demons. [emphasis added] Now, I will end it here. I was Al Gore’s Campaign Manager. Let the buck stop here. If I make a decision to go with Obama, people read it as Al Gore hates the Clintons. So, I stay above the bull and do not take bull from the Clintons or the Obamas or the McCains. I don’t owe anybody a dime. And if I counted who has helped me since 2000, it's Republican men and not Democrats.

Go figure and good night.

--------------------------end of quote.

The above email interview comes from a posting on Taylor Marsh's Website. It seems to me that what happened was, Donna Brazille ran a losing campaign for Al Gore and was somewhat shunned by her fellow democrats. Apparently some republicans were more supportive than the democrats.

What Brazille doesn't get is that Bill Clinton has been the only two term Democrat since World War II. It would seem to me that the winning democratic family of the 90's should have more influence than a presidential adviser / loser of the 2000 presidential race who shunned the Clinton's support.

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