Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Creepiness of the Barack Obama Campaign Cult Team Revealed Many Times Over.

First John McCain was ridiculed for not using email, then Sarah Palin's email was hacked. I find it creepy that Barack Obama's side first criticized John McCain for not using email and then shortly thereafter, Sarah Palin's emails are hacked. It's as if the Barack Obama side was saying "how dare John McCain not be hackable because he doesn't use email, we were all set to find something and then release it to the media".

Is it just coincidence that shortly after the Barack Obama camp ridiculed a war hero with a bad arm for not using email that his Vice President's email is hacked?

But wait, there's more.

Barack Obama just held a fundraiser in Hollywood. Price per ticket, 28,500 dollars, Price per pair of tickets, 57 thousand dollars, as in 57 states and Barack Obama's faux pas when he said there were 57 states....

But wait, there's more. When did Barack Obama announce his VP choice, it was at 3:00 am, a direct attack against the 3am ads that Hillary Clinton ran so effectively against Barack Obama in the 2008 democratic race. Yet Hillary Clinton better support Barack Obama or the media will gang up on her.

But wait, there's still more. Right after Hillary Clinton was FORCED into giving a suspension speech by the D.N.C. and the media, the VERY FIRST COMMERCIAL THAT MSNBC RAN after Hillary Clinton's suspenion speech was a commercial promoting the state of Michigan! You know, Michigan, the state that Barack Obama refused to either count or have a revote when it might have mattered.

In my opinion these inside jokes are the work of arrogant, snarky, "better than you", "smarter than you" henchmen and henchwomen that reside deep inside the bowels of the Barack Obama campaign team. They bubble over with a revenge mentality that cannot stand being one upped, ever! The Barack Obama campaign crew represents the perfect blend of Pit Bull and Yorkshire Terrier, the problem is they pretend to be the friendly, caring puppy dog campaign that just wants everybody to get along.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I think you're spot on. I like the way you think. Your previous post about the comparison between what Father Phleger said happened to Hillary and what is now happening to Barack was right too!

The email twist is incredible. I would say that there is much much IRONY in Obama.

Sarah = the anti-Obama.

This campaign sure is interesting.

Monica L said...

I'm sorry, but where is the link to contribute towards the mental health care you so obviously need?

I looked all over the site and couldn't find it, but I know it has to be there somewhere, right? I mean, that's why you have this site in the first place?

Alessandro Machi said...
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Alessandro Machi said...

Is this Monica Lewinsky? Nice touch, using humor in your response. But if you did pay me, wouldn't that just encourage me to write more? We wouldn't want that now, would we?

Somebody who who actually writes without worrying what the bosses think.

The irony is there actually IS a link to donate, but it is so buried now you probably would never find it, and you probably would not have the wealth I require to be satiated, even though I would actually give it back after a certain time period.