Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Comedy of Sarah Palin and how she got Barack Obama's Goat.

If there was one thing John McCain could do to dig a burr into the Barack Obama camp's backside, it was to select Sarah Palin as his V.P.

What I find so comical is Sarah Palin is to Barack Obama exactly what Barack Obama was to Hillary Clinton during the 2008 democratic contest. Not only are the parallels a giggle to nowhere, witnessing Barack Obama's reaction to Sarah Palin enter the race has been very enlightening.

Several months back Pastor Michael Pfleger mockingly spoke of Hillary Clinton as feeling "entitled" to the Democratic nomination (click on link to see video) Pastor Pfegler Mocks Hillary Clinton. The Pfegler line many may never forget was... "there's a black man stealing my show.'' Did you ever imagine that that very video would boomerang against Barack Obama several months later?

If you watch this youtube video of Pfegler ridiculing Hillary Clinton, Pastor Pfegler Mocks Hillary Clinton, just imagine it's a new video that a Pfegler clone has released in which he ridicules Barack Obama's reaction to Sarah Palin. ..."There was Barack Obama, the chosen one, heading for the presidency, and suddenly there's this Hootchy Hockey Mama from Alaska, and she's stealing my show"....

(by the way, you youtube wannabe's, ahem, hint hint).

The arrogant and condescending reaction to Sarah Palin that Barack Obama and his side is demonstrating towards Palin is exactly how both Barack Obama and Pastor Pfegler treated Hillary Clinton earlier this year. While this ironic joke is now playing out against Barack Obama, the bigger joke is, Barack Obama and his followers still don't get it. The audacity of arrogance and lack of fair reflection that helped Barack Obama "win" against Hillary Clinton now blocks his path towards the White House.

How can I want a group in power that is so proud of themselves they don't get it when they receive the same condescending medicine that they normally are doling out?

Dare I even bring up the whole dying thing as well? Jack Cafferty of CNN stated several months ago that Hillary Clinton should get out of the race over the Kennedy Assassination comment she made, yet we constantly are now reminded that John McCain could pass on, even as we see his 96 year old mother cheering him on.

It's Ok to talk about McCain passing on, but not Barack Obama? According to the Barack Obama camp, yes.

All of this has me wondering just who started putting lipstick on a pig, first?


Anonymous said...

Great! I thought the same thing. The Father Phfleger video. It's coming back to bite him.

Karma, baby! said...

Democrats have a puzzle with a code name "Palin Problem". They have to solve it, and to do it effectively, because the prize is the White House.
Sarah is everywhere these days. No matter, if there are negative responses, rumors and resentments; or praises, support and encouragements. She filled media, and not only in America. Palinmania is spreading all over the world - everybody has their opinion on the new political celebrity of US.
The Palin avalanche is winning against Obama inundation. How should Democrats defeat her? Would it be better just keep their line of campaign and ignore populist idol of Republicans? Or should they put out their claws, oppose her and show her the real politics? - give advice to Democrats, if you think there still is an effective advice for them...