Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Twenty FACTS that PROVE Hillary Clinton should be the Presumptive Democratic Nominee, not Barack Obama.

20 FACTS that support (PROVE) Hillary Clinton should be the presumptive nominee.

FACT: Hillary Clinton won 7 of the 8 biggest states, and 8 out the 10 biggest states. in the country.

FACT: Hillary Clinton won 40 more pledged delegates than Barack Obama among all the primary contests even when Florida and Michigan are not counted..

FACT: Hillary Clinton was leading or tied in MOST of the caucus contests polls just prior to the vote, but lost to Barack Obama by a 2-1 margin in most of these caucuses.

FACT: Three Caucus contests that Barack Obama won by at least a 2-1 margin also held primaries at a later date and ALL showed a GAIN for Hillary Clinton of over 33% versus Barack Obama, thereby making the case for caucus cheating, or at the very least, lack of "Fair Reflection" in the caucus contests.

FACT:Texas is another example in which Hillary Clinton WON the popular vote, and then ONCE AGAIN lost the "two step" and "three step" caucuses BY A TWO to ONE margin!

FACT: During Election Night coverage, MSNBC REFUSED TO ACKNOWLEDGE on air that Hillary Clinton closed to within 2% in the Nebraska Primary after previously losing the Nebraska caucus by a laughably false margin of 37%. When the election night Nebraska Primary results graphic was temporarily up on the screen, Chris Matthews and company IGNORED IT EVERY TIME. The final time the Nebraska graphic was put on the screen, Matthews demanded the Nebraska graphic be taken down and replaced with the West Virginia result from that same night. Instead of talking about two momentum shifting Hillary Clinton successes in one night, MSNBC completely ignored talking about the Nebraska primary result and instead just focused on West Virginia and its "racist, lower income, uneducated base that favored Hillary Clinton".

FACT:Barack Obama picked up many of his super delegates during the time period when he was losing the popular vote and delegate count to Hillary Clinton 53% to 47%.

FACT:Hillary Clinton actually lost super delegates to Barack Obama even as she was winning the final 2 and 1/2 months of the contest both in popular vote and in pledged delegates.

FACT: Hillary Clinton won the Electoral College Map versus Barack Obama by over a hundred votes.

FACT: Hillary Clinton was routinely cheated out of Delegates, at one point beating Barack Obama in 11 out of 12 States but only gaining 5 more overall delegates than Barack Obama. (see image below)

FACT: Howard Dean and John Kerry were financed by Billionaire George Soros in 2004, Bob Richardson and John Edwards were supported by Billionaire George Soros in 2008, Soros has been working behind the scenes to ensure that Barack Obama be declared the democratic nominee irrespective of whether or not he actually won it fairly and squarely.

FACT: Nancy Pelosi was recently outed as giving five figure donations to delegates so they would switch their vote from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama, even in states where Hillary Clinton had won the popular vote.

FACT: George Soros funded Arianna Huffington and Huffington Post, whose pundits would appear on MSNBC and CNN, plus Time and Newsweek, and tear down Hillary Clinton on a daily basis during the campaign season.

FACT: Media headlines demanded that Hillary Clinton suspend her campaign as far back as February, 2008. These headlines continued on a weekly basis until Hillary Clinton finally realized her political career would be ruined if she allowed the media harrassment to continue. To end the political harrassment, Hillary Clinton suspended her campaign. The media immediately proclaimed that Hillary Clinton had voluntarily suspended her campaign.

FACT: Never before has the media demanded that a candidate suspend a presidential campaign prior to the convention, until Hillary Clinton was the candidate.

FACT: Never before has a presidential candidate been pressured to release her delegates prior to a vote at the convention, until Hillary Clinton was the candidate.

FACT:Never before has the media called a presumptive nominee, in a race to close to call, the official nominee before the convention. I believe the networks have left themselves open for a huge lawsuit in this matter.

FACT: Barack Obama has less senatorial, governing, or security experience than any president in the past 120 years.

FACT: hundreds of delegates and super delegates changed their vote to Barack Obama after being for Hillary Clinton because they assumed they were supposed to vote for who might win, not who they wanted to win, because of media pressure.

FACT: Over a hundred Super Delegates and pledged delegates have switched their vote to Barack Obama even thought they thought Hillary Clinton was the better candidate and more likely to win in November against John McCain. (go ahead, ask them who they think is the better candidate)

FACT: A significant number of delegates and super delegates changed their vote to Barack Obama after receiving a "donation" from Barack Obama, even when their congressional district had voted for Hillary Clinton.

FACT: The number one comment about Keith Olbermann that I hear is either, "I used to like that guy", or "I can't believe I used to like that guy". (before Olbermann singlehandily verbally assaulted Clinton on so many occasions we all lost count, and stopped watching). Keith Olbermann looked right into the camera and lied one night when talking about "never having clamored to have Hillary Clinton quit the race".


Charles said...

OK, why not cancel the election and just let the Republicans have it?
If Hillary had run in 2004 but Kerry still had gotten the nomination would you have voted for Bush? Will you subject this nation to another 4 years of Bush-style policies out of spite for Obama? And in hopes that the only true candidate can run in 2012 (assuming we still have a democracy then)? Why don't you just write-in Dick Cheney instead? COMNTSMF (Cutting Off My Nose To Spite My Face) might be a better acronym for this movement but if McCain is elected because of your abandoning the Democratic party you will be forever known as PUMAs (Pushed Up My Ass!). Bill certainly believes in a cult of personality but I doubt Hillary really does. I would love for her to be the first female President of the United States but I think it's pretty stupid (and selfish) to try to ruin any chance of a Democratic presidency until she's the only candidate. I'm a Democrat, not a Obama-maniac but I don't want another 4 years of right-wing disasters!

Alessandro Machi said...

As I stated on my other blog that you responded to, the methodology used by the democrats to spin this race to Barack Obama (who is a fine candidate by the way) cannot be accepted as it will actually set back the democratic party far more than losing this years race.

FAIRNESS MATTERS, and that is what this year's selection is about.

Alessandro Machi said...

Wow, looks my previous comment from a year and a half ago is proving right.