Friday, August 29, 2008

MSNBC Afraid to Fire Keith Olbermann?

It just dawned on me that as annoying as Keith Olbermann has become, the idea of paying the guy to do nothing must really irk MSNBC moreso than firing him. It's too bad MSNBC didn't just remain neutral in this years democratic race.

If MSNBC had remained neutral in this years democratic race, Hillary Clinton would have won an incredibly close contest. Barack Obama would be a rising star within the democratic party with the potential of being a 2 term VP and then a 2 term President. The just completed Denver Convention could have been a combo love in of epic proportions and a tribute to the 90's as well, and an incredible ratings success.

I think MSNBC might be realizing all that they have lost by influencing the democratic nomination process. The ability of Olbermann to counteract the right has been lost amidst ridiculously amped up umbarging against the Clinton camp throughout the campaign. Even Olbermann's taunts against Bill O'Reilly fall flat as whenever I tune into O'Reilly (and I never used to until Keith started reminding me to), O'Reilly is calm, cool, and collected, something Olbermann hasn't been in months.

Olbermann Imploding


Angela D. said...

Wow, I LOVE this site. I've been so busy chatting with other Clintonistas, Hillaristas, Democrats in Revolt, and disillusioned dems that I just now found this site. IT IS AWESOME.

Thanks for posting the truth....

Angela D.
Knoxville, TN
Former Member of Democratic Exec Board
Young Democrat who didn't need to wait for Obama to learn how to vote.

Alessandro Machi said...

Hi Angela. Awesome comments!