Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just How Daft and Idiotic has the Democratic Party become?

Hillary and Bill Clinton were put on display at the democratic convention on Tuesday and Wednesday. Forced into faux smiles on by a democratic party that demanded "unity or impunity".

I had no idea how evil the higher ups of the D.N.C. have become. If any group ever needed an enema, it is the head of the D.N.C.

In the meantime, lets remember what this is about. It's about slapping a political family in the face that had the best democratic record in the past 50 years in terms of longevity and success. Rather than pursuing delegates hidden away like an easter egg hunt in caucus land, the Hillary Clinton candidacy is about reaching out to the MOST people in the country, but apparently the concept of reaching the most people has been "changed" into one of reaching the "most important" people, aka the caucus delegates.

The most successful democratic family of the past 50 years stood patiently by and let two other democratic candidates have their chance at winning the white house in 2000 and 2004. Only when Hillary Clinton had gained additional senatorial experience to go along with her two decades of being part of Bill Clinton's legacy did Hillary Clinton attempt her run for president.

The D.N.C. instead sent the message to 17 million loyal democrats that once a politician steps out of power, they become a footnote and meaningless, even when they played team politics before they attempted their run for the nomination. I'm not sure this type of change will fly with Clinton Democrats, nor should it.


Anonymous said...

Dear Friends, Yesterday, 8-27-08, our NBC TV channel ran a delayed feed of Jeopardy, as the Convention coverage ends at 8PM out here in Pacific Standard Time. I was flipping channels for more news and I heard this question that I'm paraphrasing. What website had the picture of Hillary Clinton replaced by the face of a Walrus? The answer was Wikipedia - (sp?) I was called away by my family and didn't hear the context and the program went to commercial when I came back. Why would this be a question on a national quiz show? Especially last night after the Convention! Did anyone else hear or see this show? I'm not a fan and now wonder who writes their questions? Would they have asked this if it happened to Oprah? Has it happened to others in Wikipedia? Is this common or specific to Hillary haters or women of power? Maybe it was a show about hatred of politicians?I'll write the network and the program, but would love any follow up or other support you may hear about. This is ridiculous. Do other Senators receive this treatment? We know newspapers run "satire" as a way to sell copies but, I think this question was intentional. We have a lot of work to do. Hatred of women is so easy to pass off as we are supposed to "understand" and I don't.
Thank you all for all the wonderful work you are doing for all of us. Thanks, Kathryn Ellis

Alessandro Machi said...

It is the stomp on Hillary Bandwagon that keeps chugging along. Perhaps the only way to slightly derail it is with democratic losses this fall, then let the healing begin, after the scabs have been removed, and are there a lot of scabs.

Anonymous said...
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