Monday, August 4, 2008

Irreparable Harm from the Germany Visit for Barack Obama, Lets Nominate Hillary Clinton.

I am having difficulty comprehending why it was important for Barack Obama to speak in front of a large audience in a foreign country. What was Barack thinking when he calmly walked up to the mike, looked out at the audience, and tried to wow them.

When one factors in that Barack Obama walked by soldiers in formation and ignored them, skipped meetings with wounded soldiers. and spent untold millions for this over the top photo shoot, there is no way I could ever bring myself to vote for him. I sincerely hope there is a Do Over in Denver and Hillary Clinton gets the nomination.


James said...

Finally a post I have to stand up an applaud.

I'm so linking this post and quoting you on this!

He's an ego in a suit.

Maybe he should rework his pseudo seal to say "Nimiast miseria nimis pulchrum esse hominum" instead of "Vero Possumus".

Tom said...

I knew there was a reason I switched fom Hillary after reading as much as I could and watching all the debates. After tonight when curiosity led me to this website, I now know why--you
Hillary folks are delusional and crazy--I had no idea.. Obama 08
White, Catholic, open minded, issues oriented mom in California. Ps Have you read the leaked memos from the Clinton Campaign-- do you really think she could lead the country. Is Mark Penn your idea of a person of integrity. He and Hillary combined don't have the integrity of Obama. Pardon him for being intelligent and charismatic.

Alessandro Machi said...

Are you saying you are a "White, Catholic, open minded, issues oriented mom in California" named Tom???

I can asuage of your concerns. Hillary Clinton DID NOT use those tactics. However, the Barack Obama side certainly did use racist tactics against the Clintons early on. In Nevada, and in South Carolina, the Obama side charged racism over the most nonsenical things.

You wouldn't really want the Obama emails and interoffice communications to come out, would you?