Thursday, August 7, 2008

HILLARY CLINTON EARNED the 2008 Democratic NOMINATION, that is all I can go by.

PUMA is just stage one. Stage TWO is, HILLARY CLINTON EARNED THE 2008 DEMOCRATIC NOMINATION. Barack Obama's trip to Europe is and probably will remain the biggest embarrassment of the 2008 presidential campaign.

Barack Obama's European trip, in which he strolled out onto stage in Germany and actually believed he was already president of the United States and further believed he had somehow earned the privilege of standing in front of so many people, is a gaffe only surpassed by his rushing by and ignoring soldiers standing at attention without taking a moment to speak to them or acknowledge them, all this happened on the same trip!

Hillary Clinton won 40 more congressional districts than Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton HANDILY won all the swing states. Barack Obama received INFLATED delegate totals from the Caucus States. Hillary Clinton received DEFLATED delegate counts from her swing state wins, netting only five more delegates than Barack Obama 555 to 550, even though Hillary Clinton won 11 out of 12 swing state and Barack Obama LOST those same 11 out of 12 swing state contests!

Media Bias orchestrated by George Soros, Huffington Post, MSNBC, CNN, Time and Newsweek had a hand in Barack Obama having a false delegate lead. Internal Political Bias by Howard Dean, who was backed by George Soros in 2004, and John Kerry, also backed by George Soros in 2004, show a bought Democratic party that must either CHANGE and do the right thing, or this slap in the face against long time democrats cannot be forgotten.


James said...

Have you been keeping up with the recent news that Hillary is still holding on to her delegates and is hinting and demanding a vote at the convention?

This could get NASTY :D

Honestly... I would LOVE to see her handed the nomination in front of Obama's face. He thinks he's already won the general election and he's not even the official nominee for his party.

xlbrl said...

When we ask the wrong question we will always get the wrong answer.
Bill and Hillary kept control of the Democratic machine after Bill left the White House. Nobody disputes that. It was their own system, designsigned to do the will of those at the head, that Obonga beat. Or, that Hillary managed to lose. So man up.

Alessandro Machi said...

The Clintons held control of the party after they left office? If true, and considering that Bill's tenure is considered a success, then Obama winning would have required serious money, and serious lying about the Clinton record.

This would mean that Obama is one bought and paid for politician many times over. I have manned up. I will continue to say that Barack Obama cheated in the caucus states, that the higher ups in the democratic party were bought off by George Soros and friends, and that the media put the screws to the delegates to change their vote.