Friday, August 1, 2008

GEORGE SOROS vs HILLARY CLINTON, Lets not put links to George Soros Related Websites.

Media matters is actually an interesting think tank. However it is backed by George Soros, and that is a BIG Problem.

I think it is important to expose the evil George Soros on my various blogs because the majority of people backing Hillary Clinton know little about him. George Soros is the axis of evil that destroyed Hillary Clinton. George Soros,, Media Matters, Arianna Huffington and Huffington Post, MSNBC, CNN, Newseek, and Time magazine.

It is very easy to connect the dots. Arianna Huffington oversaw George Soros Shadow government convention back in 2004. Huffington and Soros have appeared on the same Charlie Rose television show, each promoting their own book. Soros probably bought an hour episode of the Rose Show and gave half of the time to Arianna Huffington. I recall reading that Soros was an initital funder of the Huffington Post, and this is where it gets really really ugly.

Huffington Post supplies both CNN and MSNBC with media Pundits who have drank from the George Soros Kool Aid. CNN, MSNBC, Time and Newsweek all share each others hosts and pundits. They are all on the same team. I have documented in this very blog Jonathan Alter, a senior higher up at Newsweek, and Keith Olbermann conducting a 4 minute barrage against John McCain when all McCain had done was very eloquently point out how Hillary Clinton had been treated horribly by the media. Jonathan Alter link.

Lets Be Careful about linking to George Soros backed blogs or websites.

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