Tuesday, July 1, 2008

There They Go Again, Vanity Fair Assuming the Unassumable about the Caucus State Results.

Vanity Fair Article on Hillary Clinton

I'm just going to point out how another "in depth" article once again fails to question the validity of the caucus state voting and instead just calls it a "stunning 11 victories in a row for Barack Obama". It's just nonsense. Why did Edwards get out just before all of these caucuses when he had a chance to get some decent delegate counts? Where did all of the Edwards caucus support go since he had dropped out of the race just before all of these races?

The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind. It's called collusion, sexism, and ageism, and Barack Obama, Bob Richardson, and Edwards should be ashamed for being a part of it.


Tony Kondaks said...

Do pledged Obama delegates have the obligation to switch votes at the convention if they feel that he no longer represents the sentiments of those that elected him?

The DNC rules not only allow it, they encourage it:


A.M. said...

Depends how much Kool Aid has to be pumped out of their system.