Saturday, July 5, 2008

"Men" who Enjoy Attacking Hillary Clinton and then Gloating About it, add Dick Morris to the List.

The concept of attacking those who helped boost your own career has been taken to a new extreme by Dick Morris, who seems to enjoy gloating about his attacks against the Clintons as well. When men publicly gloat over their public attacks against a woman, they seem to do it fearlessly.

It has always struck me as cowardly to attack someone more menacingly if you don't fear a physical confrontation from them. Dick Morris gleefully gloated over how Hillary Clinton was attacked by the Republicans at the 1992 Republican convention and therefore Bill Clinton was left unscathed.

The glee Morris showed on the Bill O'Reilly show just comes off as another man who needs to show his bravado against those who probably won't physically kick his butt. (notice I said probably). In my opinion, Dick Morris is a coward.

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