Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Huffington Post Continues to Mock the Clintons.

You guys at Huffington Post really should read my blog from time to time as your arrogance seems to have no limits. The fact that you don't just shows the level of arrogance and elitism you are capable of.

This is why we fight on. The blubbards who helped temporarilly topple Hillary Clinton MUST BE SPOTLIGHTED so normal, intelligent people can see how their power must be reduced.

The normal, non elitist people can refer to my "Huffington Post Attacks Hillary Clinton Expose" Huffington Post Exposed on Hillary-Wins Blog.

Even after exposing the condescending elitism Huffington Post spews against the Clintons on a regular basis you can see that Huffington Post STILL does the same thing (unflattering picture cropping of the Clintons).


giorocks said...

WOW, Huffington Post people need to get themselves a life... and get rid of Huffington Post.

A.M. said...

When you've got billionaire George Soros backing you, you probably do as you are told.