Friday, June 6, 2008

UnFair Rejection. How the Democratic Party Ignored the Reality of "Fair Reflection" and Hillary Clinton's Advantage over Barack Obama.

These are the Great Plain Caucus States that Barack Obama used to build his insurmountable lead back in February of 2008. But did the margin of victory in these 9 caucus state victories offer a "fair reflection" of the voters in those states?

The final two races in the Great Plains region were not caucus races, but primary races instead. Suddenly, Barack Obama's 2-1 margin of victory in the Caucus States was reduced to an almost identical 50-50 popular vote split for both Montana and South Dakota.

This is clear evidence that the caucus states did not provide "Fair Reflection" of the voters of their states. Fair Reflection is a tenet that the Democratic party has chosen to ignore this year, and may alienate some of their own democratic voter base because of it.

Meanwhile the american media REFUSES to even mention the word Fair Reflection nor delve head on into this issue.


ed dippus said...

One Down, One to Go

According to Hillary
The primary is over
Barrack is the nominee
And as blue as the birds above Dover

The final electoral map
Will be as equally blue
McCain is in a trap
Red’s just not his hue

The pickup from 2004
Will be Iowa and Ohio
Missouri and two more
New Mexico, Colorado

Virginia is in play
As are each of Carolina
Nevada could come his way
More southern states would be finer

Too much frickin cash
Too much organization
A fifty-statewide dash
Makes this Obama Nation

For maverick McCain
The far right can’t be won
His age cannot maintain
Against the run-and-gun

Scooters, gas, no money,
Iraq, but no Osama,
Environment too sunny,
Means President Obama

The math is still the math
For Hillary and John
There is no winning path
But Obama marches on.

A.M. said...

Let me guess, the map was "just words".

commentspage said...

Obama didn't mind when DNC and his camp stole a victory from Clinton - the only true Democrat left in the race! Clinton forever - Obama never!

Anonymous said...

How can you claim that the Clinton campain was for fair reflection of the votes when she starting saying that the repulican way of winner take all was a better way to count they votes.If the Dems had counted their votes that way and Hillery had won back in Feb. you can't tell me that you would be talking about fair reflection.All the rules were known to all the candidates well before the elections started. I'm sorry Hillery lost but someone had to. Any of the Dem. candidates would have made a great president.It's over now, move on and support your Dem. candidate.