Friday, June 13, 2008

Tim Russert Passes.

Please leave a Tim Russert remembrance if you have one.


pimpdog (russert's biggest fan) said...

There shall never be a worse news day.

James said...

pimpdog, 9/11 got trumped by Russert? The assassination of JFK got trumped by Russert?

Come on... the guy was a great journalist but it was hardly the worst news ever.

A.M. said...

I'm perplexed at how he could hold such a high ethical standard while being surrounded by clowns like Matthews and Olbermann.

It seems to me that there were two distinct factions at NBC, Couric, Brokaw and Russert on one side, and Olbermann, Matthews, Mitchell on the other.

Not once has anyone news station brought up the philosophical issue of caucuses not fairly reflecting the will of the voters in the caucus state voting.

It's unnerving to me that someone like Russert did not see the need to bring this issue to light. Maybe he would have at some point?

James said...

Ummm, if you're tossing Brokaw and Couric into the mix then Russert still gets his own category.

Anonymous said...
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