Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Terrific Political Pundits can be Found on Cable News Shows, you just have to Look Hard.

It appears to me that the pundits that appear the most regularly on Cable News Shows tend to have an interaction with hosts who are familiar with them. Shtick happens, is one way to describe it. If the hosts are left smiling at the end of their interaction, the guest pundit may be asked back. But what if the pundit is honest, direct, intellectually solid, or just a solid individual not ready to advance the television shows agenda?

There are some really good political pundits who appear on the Cable News Shows. I found two recently that were refreshing.
Mary Frances Berry and Phil Bronstein are two pundits who came off to me as being honest first, and agenda driven last. I probably will start searching out these kind of pundits in the future as they are refreshing to watch.

I'd also like to recognize Pat Buchanan as being a breathe of valid air on MSNBC for being comfortable defending the defendable, even when those that have their own shows think differently. Pat Buchanan has become a valid bull pen guy that saves the game more often than is noticed.

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