Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Advice to the Hillary Clinton Campaign.

My Advice to the Hillary Clinton Campaign, stay in it to pay off your debt, so you don't owe the democratic party any favors. Don't release your delegates. Don't undermine Barack Obama in the next few months, which everybody knows you wouldn't do anyways.


Ed Dippus said...

You know who I am.
I've upbraided you before.
Before you ran away.
Ran out the closest door.
And now you won't come back.
Won't come to play outside.
Instead you stay in here.
Where it's safe to hide.
To hide from what is real.
To kill the posts that pain.
The posts that just reveal.
That ou're just inane.
But maybe here's the reason.
To why you pounded sand.
You such a raging id-jit.
That you just got banned.

As they dicen en Mexico: AMF!

GoodFoodAround said...

What does AMF stand for?

pretty interesting poem.

Anonymous said...

common acronym for adios m-----r f----r

A.M. said...

Ah yes, the typical Obama supporter, ready to swear when they don't get their way.

Andrea Moro said...

YOu may find my predictions interesting: