Tuesday, June 17, 2008

MSNBC HardBall with Chris Matthews Joyfully Discusses whether the Clintons will be House Servants or Field Slaves.

My Heart isn't in to spending an hour or two transcribing Willie Brown's jovially condescending speech about how to "handle Bill Clinton" or the banter that Chris Matthews and Hilary Rosen added in between their laughter at Willie Brown's words.

This exchange happened on Hardball, June 10, 2008. Although the words House Servant and Field Slave were not expressly used, the content pretty much fell into those two categories.

Memo to MSNBC, just because your on air pundits laugh as they spew condescending comments, doesn't make it acceptable, or newsworthy.


Anonymous said...

This was the same comment that was on Obama's official site!

A.M. said...

I don't understand how you mean that.

Chicago Ray said...

That exchange was simply childish and brutal for supposed adults talking about supposed news, more like a segment on the View.

Anonymous said...
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