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Huffington Post Prints Another "Hillary Unfairly Attacked" Piece, HP's "Hypocrisy against Hillary Clinton is off the Charts".

Sigh. Huffington Post is at it again. Now that Hillary Clinton is supposed to support Barack Obama, Huffington Post runs a sympathetic piece about how Dick Morris has repeatedly attacked the Clintons.
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The hypocrisy of Huffington Post printing "Hillary unfairly attacked" pieces when Huffington Post was the number one Hillary Clinton internet attacker over the past 6 months is galling, and something that needs to be pointed out.

Any news media outlet that would so freely and easily change from attack mode to empathy mode cannot be trusted as they have their own agenda in place that has very little to do with reporting the actual news.

It's as if George Soros, Huffington Post, and their allies think we are so stupid that we won't notice their attempts to first trash Hillary Clinton, and then simply "Move on" to a new chapter in which they all admit that it was "somebody else" unfairly trashing Hillary Clinton, "AND IT WAS WRONG!"

Huffington Post and friends now casting sympathy towards Hillary Clinton after relentlessly trashing Clinton's reputation reminds me of OJ Simpson vowing to find the people who murdered his wife.
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About six weeks ago it was Jill Iscol writing on Huffington Post about how Hillary Clinton had been unfairly attacked by....everybody else EXCEPT the Huffington Post!

The above are just two examples that try and cover the bloodshed Huffington Post had already inflicted on Hillary Clinton and her campaign. Additional articles bemoaning Hillary Clinton's unfair treatment have appeared on Huffington Post since Hillary Clinton suspended her campaign.

No matter how many articles Huffington Post writes about how unfairy Hillary Clinton was treated during the 2008 democratic campaign, Huffington Post CANNOT take away their own treacherous treatment of Hillary Clinton during that same time period.
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"Follow me all you sheep, follow me over to Obama," seems to be the unwritten message behind Hilary Rosen joining Huffington Post. From head to toe, the whole Barack Obama organization seems to rely on "changing" their point of view as new situations arise. Huffington Post falls into this pattern of behavior as well.

"Changing the type of change when necessary for victory," is how I describe Huffington Post's agenda.

It is my opinion that Huffington Post ran dozens upon dozens of anti Hillary Clinton news stories during the 2008 democratic race and below are several examples.
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Notice the actual framing of the picture that is used for the image of Hillary Clinton. The intent is to show Hillary Clinton as being angry and unlikeable. The reality is politicians go through 30 facial expressions EVERY SECOND, so finding a frame to make the person look less likeable is rather easy to do AND is manipulation of the news by those who claim to be the messenger, not the creator of news.

The two narrow pictures below the main picture have been framed to show Clinton and Carville looking evil and menacing. Framing politicians just above the eyes and just below the lips is about the most uncomplementary frame one can choose, but on Huffington Post, it's a way of life.

When I select images for my blog articles, I NEVER intentionally pick a frame that makes somebody look bad. The picture needs to be either of the EXACT or near moment someone says something that is being quoted, or something from around that time period, if possible, without trying to imply that the picture proves the point of the article.

My own "Fair Reflection article" about the Florida delegates article did have images of a confused Robert Wexler, because Wexler was in fact clueless as to what Fair Reflection meant!
At Huffington Post, uncomplementary poses and framing of images of Hillary Clinton were frequently used to promote their anti Hillary Clinton agenda during the 2008 democratic presidential campaign.

Observe the way Huffington Post framed and cropped shots of Hillary Clinton below to make her look unpresidential.
I would probably have well over a hundred or more Huffington Post "anti Hillary Clinton" headlines to choose from if I had started from January of this year and gone through to the end of the democratic primary contests.
Notice the unfriendly cropping on the four headline photos above. Each picture of Hillary Clinton is cropped to make Hillary Clinton look subliminally "wrong" or "not like one of us". Documentaries and news interviews will frame or crop the image around the eyes, or cut off the top and bottom of the face when they want to make someone look unfriendly, untrustworthy, shifty eyed, or angry.

Below are several more photo examples of Huffington Post claiming that momentum is no longer on Hillary Clinton's side. Loss of momentum was actually a major, major part of the assault on Hillary Clinton by Huffington Post and MSNBC, and it started with charges of racism against the Clintons in both Nevada and South Carolina and continued onward with the fraudulent caucus contests back in early February 2008.
As you can see up above, for every Huffington Post anti Hillary Clinton headline, there was also a positive Barack Obama headline as well. Huffington Post always depicted Barack Obama as the more popular candidate.

Huffington Post always projected Barack Obama's popularity as always cresting and surging while Hillary Clinton's popularity was always sinking.

As you can see above, creating tomorrows news yesterday with slanted headlines that either supported Barack Obama or tore at Hillary Clinton's popularity was something Huffinton Post was willing to do on a very regular basis.

.Just "accept it" is how the George Soros led media machine was able to put Barack Obama on top and keep him there.....for now.

The two headlines above imply that Hillary Clinton might be a bit unstable.
Hillary Clinton is called "the worst person in the world" in another Huffington Post headline.

Huffington Post comes up with a "clever twist" to an expected blow out loss for Barack Obama In West Virginia.

Above (click on the image to see it bigger) Huffington Post actually predicts an OVER EXAGGERATED margin of victory in West Virgina for Hillary Clinton, calling it 80%-20% in favor of Hillary Clinton, then when the actual vote totals come in lower than 80% for Hillary Clinton, Huffington Post accuses Clinton of losing her "racist base" (see headline below).
According to Huffington Post, even when Hillary wins by a HUGE landslide in West Virginia, Hillary Clinton is actually accused of losing her "racist base".

Lets not forget the announcement of John Edwards supporting Barack Obama right after the huge West Virginia victory for Hillary Clinton. This non story was hyped by Huffington Post and immediately supplanted Hillary's blow out win in West Virginia as their headline news story.

Even when Hillary wins by a 41% margin, Barack Obama's introduction of John Edwards at a Barack Obama LOSING RALLY becomes the bigger news story on Huffington Post.

Then chatterbox Huffington Post "Pundits" such as Rachel Maddow and others appear on MSNBC and blather on and on how the Edwards coming out party for Barack Obama is somehow a bigger story than Hillary Clinton winning by a 40% margin in West Virginia.

The interjection of Reality TV excitement into actual news events is a disturbing trend. John Edward's endorsement CANNOT be bigger than the votes of hundreds of thousands of people in an election, especially when it is a landslide victory and is helping to propel Hillary Clinton to win more delegates than Barack Obama over the final two and a half months of the democratic primary contests.

I guess when Howard Dean said whomever does better over the final 2 and 1/2 months of the campaign would win the nomination only counts if it is Barack Obama who was doing better. Hillary Clinton actually did signifcantly better than Barack Obama over the final 10 weeks of the democratic contests yet delegates left her???

Does that make any sense to you?
This was the image on Huffington Post that blotted out Hillary Clinton's West Virginia win. John Edwards smiling at Barack Obama is somehow deemed more newsworthy than Hillary Clinton's crushing victory in West Virginia.

Hillary Clinton is heading towards a projected 54-55% of the popular vote total over the final 8-10 democratic contests and Huffington Post wants everybody to believe that John Edwards walking onto a stage to greet Barack Obama is a bigger story.

Can it get anymore insulting than that? Actually yes, as MSNBC and CNN went with the same theme as well.
The headline above was refuted by SEVERAL pundits as being an over exaggeration and in turn pundits condemned how several George Soros friendly media such as Huffington Post and MSNBC were trying to keep the quote alive and use it as a reason for Hillary Clinton to quit.

SEVERAL news outlets denounced the story as much ado about nothing.

The headline below is from 2006 and clearly shows that Huffington Post had already decided two years ago that Hillary Clinton could not be the nominee.

A purported internet news source such as Huffington Post pretending to be an unbiased news site when it has a predisposed agenda is a form of fraud, no? Shouldn't there be an investigation?
Is it really acceptable for Huffington Post to parade as an "internet newspaper" while all along Huffington Post has a built in agenda to hype one democratic candidate defeat another?

Newsweek comes to the aid of George Soros, Huffington Post, MSNBC, CNN, MOVE ON, Media Matters, and Daily Kos attack squad, with an article that claims it is impossible to cheat in an election.

Of course Newsweek never mentions the caucus cheating that went on in which one million voters were able to over ride the will of 35 million voters, and Newsweek never mentions what "Fair-Reflection" means to the democratic party.

Oh wait, maybe I was wrong. (sarcasm alert) Maybe Huffington Post did put a very nice picture of Hillary Clinton on their website.........
.......After Hillary Clinton was forced to drink the Obama Kool Aid or risk further wrath and damage from Huffington Post and MSNBC's ongoing assault for not quitting the race sooner.

Below is me getting banned from Huffington Post after my articles on the George Soros / Arianna Huffington hook up appeared on my blogs.

Don't be alarmed, you're not banned, that was me getting banned from Huffington Post. That was the message that popped up on my Huffington Post account after my George Soros / Arianna Huffington "have hooked up" articles appeared on my blogs.

The banning by Huffington Post just gives me more time for my own blogs.

Works for me.

(Edit update - Dec. 16, 2010 11:04 PM - It should be noted that is all just Huffington Post. While Huffington Post was doing their daily Hillary Clinton assault and Barack Obama is great fluff pieces, there was MSNBC assaulting Hillary Clinton almost by the hour, Time, Newsweek with their hit pieces, The Atlantic, lets not forget the FOUR HUNDRED COLUMNISTS WHO COVERTLY AGREED TO PROTECT BARACK OBAMA FROM ANY RACIST TIES while simultaneously either ignoring Hillary Clinton, or attacking her.)

I hope you are all proud. Every day 10,000 americans lose their home, and Barack Obama just keeps his poker face on, as if it has nothing to do with him.

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