Wednesday, June 11, 2008 Blog makes it onto

The most satisfying aspect to having an article linked by was my not knowning they might do that. The link will probably only be on their website for a few days so if you read this article in the future and go there it probably won't be there, but at the present time it is up on the left side margin column under KO Mini-Blog.

That's the good news, the bad news is by linking to my article and by my mentioning the linking of the article it gives somebody in need of mental counseling (Keith Olbermann), even more publicity.

Speaking of publicity, Keith Olberman ran an 8 minute montage recap on the recently completed Democratic and Republican races. The Video edited montage was really really nicely put together and probably could get an award on it's own merit, assuming Olbermann allows it to be entered into the appropriate national television award competitions.

Olbermann spent about 2 seconds at the end of his show mentioning the producer/editor who did such a flawless job on the political montage, barely speaking his name in a legible manner. I unfortunately missed the name because Olbermann said it so quickly and incoherently.

I find that to be a slight, a pathetic and ungrateful way Keith Olbermann treats those who help him rise farther than his caustic personality would ever allow. Olbermann spent four and a half minutes attacking John McCain's memory on a previous show after McCain had eloquently pointed out the Media Abuse Hillary Clinton received during her historic campaign. Two seconds crediting a producer/editor for putting together an 8 minute flawless video clip, priceless, Mr. Olbermann.

Oh wait, the producer/editor should be grateful just to have a job AND for being able to put "worked on the Keith Olbermann show" on his resume. (sarcasm alert).

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