Monday, June 2, 2008

Hillary Clinton Reduces Barack Obama's Delegate Lead by 30% in Devastating Weekend of Losses for Barack Obama.

Barack Obama has been thoroughly trounced over the past two to three months of primaries by Hillary Clinton. Between the delegates that Barack Obama lost this weekend in Florida, Michigan, and Puerto Rico, Barack Obama's delegate lead was reduced by almost 30% yet not one American media outlet will report this.

Only an intervention by the democratic committee saved Barack Obama from complete devastation this weekend. Although Barack Obama made a critical error by taking his name off of the Michigan Ballot, the Democratic Committee interceded and gave Barack Obama delegates even though Barack Obama had taken his own name off the Michigan ballot. If only we could all live our lives in a similar manner, not punch in for work, but get paid anyways.The Media Bias continues as the campaign story the media is going with is no matter how badly Barack Obama loses primary after primary, he gains on the only goal that really matters, protecting enough of his delegate lead that was originally gained via caucus cheating.
George Soros and Arianna Huffington's secret affair partnership has produced a paralyzed american media that frames everything to Obama's advantage, even when Obama has a bad weekend. It's as if the Penguin and the cat women have joined forces and Gotham City will never be the same.


James said...

Oh yeah, a DEVASTATING loss in Michigan... where Obama picked up delegates when his name wasn't even on the ballot (29 to be exact).

Florida, where Clinton slaughtered Obama with a whopping lead of 18 delegates... and the ever massive win in Puerto Rico where Clinton lead with 21 delegates.

She's kicking him into the dirt... what with that unmistakable delegate deficit of 155.

Even if we gave 100% of all the remaining pledge delegates from South Dakota and Montana ALL to Clinton, that would keep Obama at 2070 delegates and put Hillary within 124 of tying him. Neither would be at the magic number yet and that would be the end of Primary season... leaving it up to the remaining 205 uncommitted super delegates to decide.

In order to WIN the nomination based on delegate/super delegates Hillary Clinton (provided she wins 100% of SD/MT delegates) she would need 84% of the uncommitted super delegates to secure her nomination.

Now if you ask me, that is NOT going to happen... current polling puts Obama ahead of Hillary in Montana by as much as 17 points and Hillary ahead of Obama by as much as 12 points. Essentially maintaining the lead Obama has now.

Care to tell me where this leads to a Clinton nomination?

Anonymous said...

This is Hillary-ous. Aless' suspension of disbelief necessary to be so in the tank for HRC has moved into the terminal phase.

As of Saturday afternoon, Obama was 41 votes away from the nomination. After Hillary's crushingly victorious weekend, as of right now, he is 40 votes away.

For several weeks now, it has not been about the gap between HRC and Obama, but rather about Obama's magic number, which is shrinking by the hour.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows Barack Obama took his name off the Michigan ballot in order to pander to Iowa and New Hampshire for their delegates.

Barack Obama has now been given some Michigan delegates anyway despite his side whining and/or boasting for months that "He wasn't even on the ballot!"

Hey, does Hillary Clinton get more delegates from Iowa and New Hampshire now since she DIDN'T take her name off of Michigan's ballot in order to pander for them?

Oh, Barry. Benefitting way too much and too often from that kind of lopsided afirmative action, as you have done throughout this campaign, hasn't been lost on nearly 18,000,000 Hillary Clinton supporters. Watch for one of the biggest write-in vote results in US election history.