Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hillary Clinton Forced to Give Suspension Speech to Her Supporters.

The Media Attack spearheaded by George Soros, Huffington Post, and MSNBC against Hillary Clinton took the next step as Hillary Clinton was forced to give a suspension speech to her supporters in support of Barack Obama.
As has been the standard operating procedure for several months, Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann speak with an aire of inevitability, actually creating the news rather than reporting it. The news you see today is the story line Olberman, Matthews, Andrea Mitchell and company at MSNBC, plus Huffington Post, helped initiate several day ago.

Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews moderated the pomp and cirumcumstance as Tim Russert stood by on the sidelines, another victim of the Olbermann and Matthews arrogance that grows by the day.

Nowhere was the term Fair Reflection mentioned as the democratic party goes down the path of letting a billionaire and his proxy Arianna Huffington manipulate and control the democratic party nominating process to a degree never witnessed before.

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