Sunday, June 1, 2008 Website has Florida Michigan Analysis with Picture Essay, see Link Below

Florida Michigan Imbroglio, Why the Obamamites Can't Win, with Picture Essay.


Lindsey from North Texas said...

I just want you to know that most people i know have to pay for college themselves. My parents aren't helping me at all. Bill Clinton did not get me anything for college. What I received for college I earned myself through good grades and a job. Most of my friends are in a similar situation. If they don't have a job, they have loans or perhaps both. Parents just don't really help out that much anymore. They encourage their kids to handle it on their own. If my parents were paying for college i would be going to the best school in the country for my major which is like $50.000 a year for tuition alone. Even at my in-state public school, tuition keeps rising every year. It's ridiculous. They want to require us to take classes that SHOULD be taught in high school (or at least more successfully). Sorry I am going to stop myself before i go on my education system diatribe.

Why are you so angry with Obama? I am not sure what he actually did to your candidate that makes you angry. I suppose I would be extremely disheartened if Obama was in Hillary's situation, but I would have been also angry with myself for not trying harder, making more phone calls, not contributing enough to campus visibility, etc... I wasn't wanting to vote for Hillary instead, but I am not loyal to the Democratic party--I was a Republican. I've thought about this. The ONLY reason i would have thought about voting for Hillary in this situation would be because she happens to be female. That's it. I probably would have voted for McCain if he hadn't changed everything he had stood for before. Also the Iraq war has left a huge stain on the Republicans for me. Waste of time, lives, and money. The only reason i was a Republican before was because i am fiscally conservative and like to have the money I earned myself. I didn't care about any of their social policies. Since Bush failed epically in the monetary department, I lost faith in their entire "brand."

Still I think there is a better woman out there to be the first woman president of the United States than Hillary. I hope to see her soon.

Alessandro Machi said...

Because Barack Obama did not win fairly in the caucus contests. The democratic party played the young against the older believing that the older would go along with whomever was selected the nominee.

The media, with Huffington and George Soros leading the way, manipulated the public image of Hillary Clinton as negatively as they could get away with.

Huffington has been against Hillary Clinton since the mid to late 90's. It is sad to see her carry enough weight to make a difference in this year's selection.