Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Chris Matthews MSNBC On Air Anti Hillary Clinton Meltdown, June 9th, 2008.

Coming soon, relive Chris Matthews on air meltdown as he repeatedly belittles Hillary Clinton. Does Chris Matthews have a crush on Hillary Clinton? When a purportedly straight man goes after a presidential candidate of the opposite sex with such boundless energy and timeless enthusiam, the question must be asked, does Chris Matthews have a thing for Hillary Clinton?

Can you picture Matthews in the second grade, bow tie, knee high socks, sitting on a bench, alone, staring off at Hillary on another bench being courted by the handsome kid. Matthews all forlorn, looking down at his buster brown shoes with the double knotted laces, telling himself that one day he would have a gal as cool as Hillary Clinton, or else.

I think it's safe to say we've arrived at the "or else" part of the equation.


Anonymous said...
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A.M. said...

No cussing please.

ed dippus said...

I don't think it's Matthews that has the crush boredering on stalk-worthy.

A.M. said...

So you're saying, if B, then not A?

Why do people use that line of logic? if B exists, then A cannot. How about, both A and B coexisting?

Although it this case you would be wrong, it's all about A, and not about B.