Monday, June 23, 2008

Barack Obama Practicing His Belly Flops under David Axelrod's Guidance.

John Kerry was labeled the Flip Flopper, and it appears Barack Obama is headed towards being this years sister version of the Flip Flopper, the Belly Flopper. I blame David Axelrod for this. Axelrod's biggest strength is also his biggest weakness, Axelrod gives up no ground to anyone on anything.

I believe Axelrod's type of sociopathic arrogance will backfire. Never admitting anything about anything that one may have done wrong is akin to what the George Bush administration is all about. Before one trys to apply that same label to the Clintons, at least they would move on once they saw an idea of theirs was not going to get through and try and come up with a more acceptable plan.

Barack Obama's approach seems to be different. Admit nothing, and when you fly over the handlebars and make a spectacular head over heels crash landing, just dust yourself off and say, "I meant to do that".

Barack Obama definitely has a tightrope act to follow, he must be confident, concise, and unwavering in his views, while still being "progressive" and "new wave" for the younger crowd that believes in him, even as he courts older people's money that comes attached with older world views. Because of this, David Axelrod is the worst person in the world to still lead Barack Obama's campaign.

I think it's time for Axelrod to finish drinking the Kool Aid and let someone else take over that people will actually believe. Axelrod served his purpose. He played his role of bad cop to the extreme, which in turn allowed Barack Obama to be the good cop. When Barack dumps Axelrod, then I'll at least have a tiny bit of faith that Barack Obama is his own man.

The bigger question however is, when does Barack Obama really develop his own style and dump George Soros.

http://www.Obama Closely Linked with Corn. Barack Obama backs the Ethanol industry even while dissing petroleum. Unfortunately Ethanol cannot be pipelined because of it's volatility, which means the moment you move the lightweight yet voluminous corn to a processing plant, you are using petroleum to move it, which wipes out significant portion of alleged ethanol advantage.

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