Thursday, June 19, 2008

Another MSNBC moment at Hillary Clinton's Expense, the Giggle Fest is reason enough for Hillary Clinton to NOT Campaign for Barack Obama.

This moment was from last week. A gigglefest was had by all, once again on MSNBC. I really don't want to see Hillary Clinton or Bill Clinton campaign for the Barack Obama camp at all after seeing all the joyous mockery coming from MSNBC last week.
The Laugh fest at Hillary Clinton's expense went on for several seconds. I don't give credit to MSNBC for toning down their attacks on the Clintons as it coincided with the death of Tim Russert and the Floods in Iowa.


Loki said...

Msnbc is not a news station, Keith Obermann is a horrible tabloid anchor gay guy, what a joke of a anchor man, could not cut it as a sport announcer He can not cut it as a news man, so he is going Hollywood tabloid, and still doing horrible, him and his blog pages that no one goes on,

Sphynx said...

I'm confused. So, because of some people who are in no way affiliated with Obama, in an area where anti-clintonism is already known and expected, where Obama has no influence at all, you want to use this against Obama? Isn't that roughly the equivalent of deciding to be anti-Obama because people on this blog/site say bad things or laugh at things about Obama?

I think we have different definitions of "fairness matters". My definition means "to treat equally". Time to come up with a 'real' reason to be anti-Obama other than due to having a bruised ego.

A.M. said...

Excellent point, let me explain.

I'm actually less against Obama and more against all the forces that have combined to support Obama while pretending to either be unbiased or just do their work in the shadows.

That list includes George Soros, Huffington Post, MSNBC, CNN, Media Matters, MoveOn, Daily Kos, etc...

All seem to emanate from George Soros.

It was MSNBC that forced Hillary Clinton to give her suspension speech as well. When I add that into the mix, then no, I can't see the Clintons supporting Barack Obama, especially since Barack's lead in the deleate count is a facade.

Chicago Ray said...

MSNBC has lost any credibility they may have had from this slanted and pathetic pro Obama election coverage, and once it's over will be shut down as a useless money losing farce. The NBC news division will be in tatters for a decade.

The then un employable in newsland Olbermann and Matthews will get married in California and be hired as Obama's Illinois Senate houseboys for their undying leg tingling support during his losing campaign. Just a thought or two.

Anonymous said...
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