Thursday, May 22, 2008

You Are Not Alone!

This Blog exploded yesterday for a variety of reasons. This little old blog received a one day rating in the top 150 yesterday out of thousands upon thousands of blogs that get rated daily. No advertising has been done for this site, however the existing Hillary Clinton internet network has taken notice of this blog.

There is a movement out there to see Hillary Clinton as the democratic nominee and it is growing and revitalizing by the day.

My blog/website mission is slightly different from those who want to see Hillary elected President, but if I succeed in my mission it could ironically result in Hillary Clinton as the nominee anyways. I want to see the caucus state votes and delegate distribution to each candidate re-evaluated so they reasonably represent the popularity of both democratic candidates.

Again, I am saying REASONABLY represents each candidate. If one candidate had a better grass roots effort in a caucus state, that should be rewarded, up to a certain point. However, when caucus state results start coming in that are just ridiculously one-sided, the democratic processes for electing a president have been thrown aside for an agenda of greed and avarice.

Many caucus state elections did not reflect a reasonable level of accuracy for both democratic candidates, and I won't support any democratic process that allows obvious cheating to affect the outcome. (the unobvious cheating is harder to find).

I also want to publicize how the Barack Obama camp will only seat Florida and Michigan when those two states can no longer affect the outcome of the presidential race. I find both of the issue of the Caucus elections along with Florida and Michigan to speak to the lack of character from Barack Obama. Barack Obama continues to use math to dictate his next course of action even when it truly disenfranchises ALL voters by making some votes count for too much (caucus state votes) and other votes count for nothing (Florida and Michigan).

2 comments: said...

You have a number of great posts on your blog so the more traffic, the better!

minty said...

People in FL and MI are on to him about his "efforts" to support the delegates after the fact.

The non-binding primaries held after the caucuses were virtually tied when previously Obama won the caucus by a 2:1 margin.

Of course the Obama supporters say that doesn't mean anything because the non-binding primary was held well after the caucus. However, it generally means everything. It indicates some rough work in the caucus that might not have accurately reflected the voter's wishes, or it could also indicate voter's remorse.Either way it is difficult not to see it as bad news for Obama.