Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Goal Posts Keep Getting Moved by the Barack Obama Camp.

Those Goal Posts Keep Getting Moved Forward by the Barack Obama Camp.
If you listen to the progressive/aggressive media and internet news coverage, the claim is being made that Hillary keeps moving the goal posts back. The reality that is not discussed by the pundits is that it has been Barack Obama that continually moves the goal posts back and forth based on how the math affects his delegate count.

When Barack Obama was still gaining momentum and planning a secret coup in the caucus states, Obama moved the goal posts way far back by not allowing Florida's votes to count AND by taking his name off of the Michigan ballot. Neither of these moves had anything to do with following the will of the democratic party and everything to do with mathematical strategy. Why allow two states with large delegate totals to count when neither state would help Barack as much as they would would help Hillary Clinton in the delegate race?

After moving the goal posts back and not allowing Florida and Michigan to count, Barack Obama achieved a miraculous reception by winning a dozen caucus state votes in February. What made the wins "miraculous" was they outdistanced Barack Obama's primary wins by 10%, a 20% overall swing. In fact, Barack Obama's 11th largest winning percentage wins are ALL in caucus states, none in primary states. The odds of this being a statistical coincidence are in the millions. As soon as these miraculous caucus wins had been achieved, suddenly, Barack Obama moved the goalposts WAY FORWARD by saying there was no way that Hillary could catch her. Goal posts out, then goal posts in, courtesy of Barack Obama.

There's something about stealing an election in the caucus states and then proclaiming to the other candidate that they get out, that bugs me. First the goal posts were moved way way farther away when Barack saw an opportunity to nullify both Florida and Michigan, and then Barack moved the goalposts way in just a scant 4 weeks later after stealing close to 142 delegate votes from the caucus states and his top three primary wins.

This delegate advantage has then been used on a daily basis by the media, the internet progressive/aggressive internet news sites such as Huffington Post and others, and the Barack Obama camp to destroy Hillary Clinton in the popularity poll and used to intimidate other delegates into going for Barack Obama.

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