Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Proof of HUFFINGTON POST HARASSMENT against Hillary Clinton.

Proof of HUFFINGTON POST HARASSMENT against Hillary Clinton.
Just below is a graphic of the Prediction I made on the day of the West Virginia Primary. I predicted that The Huffington Post would view the West Virginia democratic election results in racist terms no matter what the result.

Please let this sink in for a moment. One day BEFORE Huffington Post ran their headline (shown at the bottom of this editorial), I was able to predict what their headline would be! The Huffington Post is a sham. Predictable and hostile venom being spewed towards Hillary Clinton on an HOURLY basis, just because they can.

THE DAY AFTER I HAD MADE MY PREDICTION about what the Huffington Post Headline would be, you can see for yourself that I was 100% correct.

As I predicted a day before it happened, If Hillary wins by a big amount, The Huffington Post will state that the racists came out in droves to lead Hillary to victory, and if the victory falls short, the Huffington Post will run a headline that states Hillary Clinton's racist base is eroding. JUST ONE DAY AFTER HILLARY CLINTON WON BY 41 POINTS IN WEST VIRGINIA OVER BARACK OBAMA they ran the above headline. I wouldn't expect this type of "news reporting" in the most repressive regime on the planet, but in the United States, we simply call it free speech. Pathetic.

The Huffington Post is a biased electronic rag of a website that has a pre set agenda to get Barack Obama the nomination at any cost! They are not a legitimate news organization, yet MSNBC constantly quotes them. The fix is in, and it is AGAINST Hillary Clinton and has been going on for several months. Please pass this on to everybody you know, enough is enough.

In what is probably an additional twist to this story, the Huffington Post has LIED. The honest, hardworking Hillary Clinton supporters are NOT eroding, not after a 41% victory over Barack Obama in West Virginia. The Huffington Post not only calls Clinton's voting base racist, but then tries to claim the racist voting base is shrinking as well. These are the actions of an ill tempered juvenile, not what I would expect from an internet news website that MSNBC quotes on a sometimes hourly basis.

The Final Insult was the Huffington Post FAILING TO MENTION that in Nebraska, Barack Obama only won by TWO PERCENTAGE POINTS after winning a Nebraska caucus BY 36% earlier this year! Further proof that Barack Obama cheated in the caucus state votes and has stolen as many as 150 delegates even without counting Florida. In Washington State, the EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED! Obama won the caucus by a 68-31% margin, then won a non-binding primary by a 50-47 percent margin!

Any superdelegate or delegate that has been influenced by the Huffington Post has been had, please reconsider your vote. This example I am providing is just the tip of the iceberg.

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