Sunday, May 25, 2008 calls Keith Olbermann the Dumbest Man Alive.

You have to connect a couple of dots to get there (sadly, that is something Keith won't be able to do by himself), but it appears that Keith Olbermann is the dumbest man alive. has stated that when they first heard Hillary Clinton had made a serious gaffe, they were besides themselves with excitement at possibly having a campaign changing scoop.

After saw the text of what Hillary Clinton actually said, they were quickly disappointed as there was no "off with their heads" type of comment to headline. Holding out hope that the video would make the story sizzle anew, watched in disappointment as a deposition style of interview video did little to justify a ground breaking headline in the making.

But wait, the media picked up on the non story and went with it anyways! Huffington Post, CNN, MSNBC, dozens of blogs that purport to being intelligent all led the charge that Hillary had made the biggest all time bungle ever. Jack "Hack" Cafferty and Keith "blabber on and on" Olbermann treated the Hillary Clinton commets as if it was more important than the severe weather storms that have resulted in well over 50,000 deaths worldwide in just the past couple of weeks. Keith Olbermann's blabberings on non-issues are becoming legendary and perhaps the only reason he is still on the air, people just can't wait to see Olbermann top his last stupid outburst. Article Proves Keith Olbermann is the Dumbest Man Alive and that the Media Hates Hillary Clinton since they ran with this story even after reading and seeing the video.
Hopefully the present political media is purged in the not too distant future at both MSNBC and CNN (except for Lou Dobbs), but for now I am certain they will not admit just how stupid they look after leading with this non-story all day Friday. Instead the political media will just play along as if it was yesterday's news. Nor will the political media apologize, that's something that only Hillary Clinton is supposed to do (saracasm alert). I believe it won't be too long before many of the CNN and MSNBC political "pundits" will be yesterday's news as well.


James said...

I seem to recall commenters on my site and other blogs who felt the Jeremiah Wright issue was simply a non-issue and that the media was blowing it out of proportion. It sucks when your candidate is under the microscope...

Look, I'm not saying Olbermann is some sort of media God... he's a dipshit with a microphone. What I AM saying is precisely what politico said in their article, that Clinton said something that had insinuated undertones to it and she KNEW she screwed up when the words crossed her lips. Had she (like I said) merely mentioned that "big things happen late in the game" this would have crossed the wires and barely even made print in small papers.

...and before you think it I am FAR from an Obama supporter. I just think he's easier to defeat than Hillary.

Alessandro Machi said...

...and before you think it I am FAR from an Obama supporter. I just think he's easier to defeat than Hillary. -James


Ha ha.

Hillary probably squirmed after saying it. Should that squirm count for her, or against her? Now if she had winked and elbowed somebody sitting next to here, than that could be considered controversial.

James said...

I'm assuming your rebuttal to the quoted segment stopped at "ha ha"...

She squirmed... she knew it was coming back to bite her in the ass.

Alessandro Machi said...

And there has been a bite in the arse backlash against the biters, as it should be.